Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ruby Lin chokes on the mattress of the elder S Wang Xiaofei at the end of the storm. Netizen: Is it funny?

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big s,Wang XiaofeiBefore the divorce, the couple separated and brought up the subject of the mattress, which has been discussed a lot recently.andruby lynnSharing the selfie of the hike, it got washed away by the end of the thunderstorm. In addition to the beautiful photos, she also posted a post: “Smile, so beautiful, grateful for the world, grateful for you (you).” Some netizens deliberately asked her: “The heart is like a sister’s house, what brand of mattress did you sleep on?” Added “(laughing), Ruby Lynn replied,” Is it funny?

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Regarding Lin Xinju’s personal response, other netizens praised her aggressiveness. Thanks to this netizen: “It’s boring to be funny.” I was also shocked, and left a message to explain again: “Sister Shinru, I’m so glad to have a reply. Although it’s like this, it doesn’t mean anything, just to make you happy.


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