Run away? 13-year-old Asian girl found dead in creek a day after missing in Oregon

Mirana, a 13-year-old Oregon State student. Lee was reported missing by his family on the 9th. About 24 hours later, his body was found in a drain near the park. The case has been termed as a homicide. (Photo by Beaverton Police Department)

Oregon 13 years oldAsianStudent Mirana. Milana Lee was reported missing by her family on the 9th. About 24 hours later, his body was found in a drain near the park. The case has been termed as a homicide. The Beaverton Police Department said in a statement, “Lee’s death is suspicious and is being investigated throughout.”

Mirana. Lee, a sixth grade student at Conestoga Middle School, was last seen on the 8th at around 4 p.m. on Murray Avenue. boulevard) and near my own apartment along Scholes Ferry Road. At 1 p.m. on the 9th, her mother reported to the police that her daughter had “run away from home” and said that when she disappeared she probably wore “a plaid pajama with white text on one side and a dark colored one.” Hooded sweatshirt”.

Beaverton Police were notified of a “suspicious situation” at 3 p.m. on the 10th and found a stream in Westside Linear Park near the intersection of Barrow Road and Horizon Boulevard. Mirana. Lee’s body Located less than a mile from her apartment and school. After the post-mortem on 11th, the police confirmed the cause of death to be murder.

Police said the community has provided police with dozens of clues, and that investigators have identified many of them and are actively investigating, but that police “do not believe the community will continue to be threatened.”

Police on 9thsocial mediaThe posted tracing notice said, “Lee’s mother tongue is Russian, and English is her second language. It is said that she does not speak very well.”

The murder shocked the Beaverton community, where a temporary memorial and a small memorial service were erected by the creek where his body was found, with flowers, candles, dolls, plush toys and a “RIP Mirana” written on it. . card. His classmates along with their family members reached the spot to mourn.

Lee’s classmate Savannah Tinline planted lavender by the creek with her mother. “She loves purple flowers, and we wanted to put something more permanent in there for her,” Savannah said.

Another classmate, Romana, said: “She is very kind, she is very calm, and she can talk about a lot of things. She is my true good friend and everyone’s good friend.”

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