Friday, August 5, 2022

Russell Wilson sends sweet message to Ciara on anniversary (video)

Russell Wilson tweeted the sweetest anniversary message to Ciara that should have everyone swooning.

Russell Wilson set the bar by sending his most heartfelt message to his beautiful bride, Ciara, to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary.

Take notes, folks, because sweet messages and videos are perfect. You can feel the love and the video of the kids, he tells her how much she loves and means to them. It’s just everything a woman could want in an anniversary message.

Wilson and Ciara have three children together and have been married for six years, so the Wilson family’s love continues to grow.

The family is one of the prettiest on the planet and the love is there too – ladies all over the world would be jealous.

Russell Wilson showed some love to his bride Ciara and set the bar at an all-time high.

The video and message is that the public saw Wilson do it for Ciara, so don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Flowers and gifts are typical anniversary gifts, but this man has confessed his love and made a full video of his gratitude.

He goes to great lengths to make sure she feels loved – that’s all a woman asks of her own.

The Wilsons are a storybook family with an unbelievably good romance that makes them envious. However, seeing their love shows that it is possible. Some men will put their ladies on the throne, work hard and love them unconditionally.

This tweet on Twitter proves that Wilson and Ciara are actually “targets” and it should get everyone who hasn’t done so already for the women in their lives to step up their game.

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