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Russia says fake satellite images of Butcha massacre slapped the face: corpses were all over the streets during the Russian occupation

The New York Times compared the satellite images of the space technology company Marsal Technology from March 9 to 11, and the video taken by the local councilor of Butcha on Jablonska Street on April 1, and found the body shown in the video. , at least 11 were already present in the March 11 satellite imagery. (From the New York Times)

Hundreds of civilian corpses in the suburban town of Bucha stunned the outside world after Russian troops withdrew from the area around Kyiv on March 30; the New York Times (NYT) reported that satellite images showed many corpses in the Russian-occupied town The period has existed for several weeks, and the tragedy of Butcha is likely to make the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia more difficult.

After the Russian troops withdrew from the suburbs of Kyiv,UkraineAuthorities found the bodies of more than 400 civilians in Boucha, including women and children, burnt to black, mutilated, with their hands tied behind their backs as if they were executed;RussiaAuthorities said the bodies appeared after the withdrawal of Russian troops, and they may have been committed by extremists in Ukraine, and called on the UN Security Council to intervene.



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But the New York Times compared satellite images from space technology company Maxar Technologies from March 9 to 11 with footage taken by local lawmakers on Yablonska Street in Bucharya on the 2nd of this month. It was found that many corpses in the picture could be found in satellite images in early March.

Video taken by local councillors and more than half a mile from Jablonska Street shows a large number of corpses scattered on the street, clearly identifiable, some lying down next to potholes left after the suspected attack, or suspected of riding bicycles He was shot dead at the time, and was suspected of being executed with his hands tied behind his back.

With the exception of a few corpses, the locations where most of the corpses were scattered exactly matched a few black spots in Marsal Tech’s satellite imagery from early March, showing that the corpses had been exposed outside Jablonska Street for at least three weeks. However, according to the Russian army’s own past statement, Boucha was being occupied by the Russian army during that period, which is inconsistent with the Russian authorities’ statement that the corpse appeared after the Russian army withdrew from the Boucha.

Butcha’s tragedy is likely to make the Ukrainian-Russian negotiation more difficult; Andrei Kortunov, secretary-general of the Russian International Affairs Council, a think tank with close ties to the Russian government, said: “It is difficult to When this happens, you can sit down and shake hands.”

Russian President Putin has few obstacles in exercising power, but Ukraine’sZelenskyOtherwise, it is difficult to ignore the public opinion trend of the Ukrainian people; Kotunov said that the current situation makes Zelensky’s negotiation process even more tied.

Kotunov pointed out that both sides are waiting for the situation in their favor to arrive, and at least so far, there is little hope of negotiations.

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