Russian Security Service Tells Putin to Ignore Rumors of Serious Illness, Backfire

The actual health of Russian President Vladimir Putin is a mystery. (European news agency)

RussiaPresidentPutinThe health of (Vladimir Putin) has recently sparked a lot of speculation, and there is even talk of blood cancer. The US magazine “New Lines” revealed that officials of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) were asked not to speculate about Putin’s health, which backfired.

Kristo Grozev, the principal investigator of Bellingcat, a Russian investigative journalists group, said in memos sent to the heads of the FSB’s regional workstations that Putin had only a few months to live, he should be ignored.

Grozev told New Line: “The instructions from senior FSB officials were counterproductive, as most of the FSB officials suddenly began to believe that Putin might be seriously ill.”

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