Russians began to consider the pressure of vaccination to be an abuse at work

Economy NewsRussians began to consider the pressure of vaccination to...

The Russians began to consider the pressure exerted by the employer on employees in matters of vaccination to be an abuse at work. This follows from the results of a survey of the job search service SuperJob, reports “Gazeta.Ru”.

This opinion is shared by four percent of respondents, the service said.

29 percent of Russians consider situations related to violations of the Labor Code to be a manifestation of abuse at work, and another 15 perceive abuse of power. “However, two years ago we encountered similar situations more often,” the company said.

In 2021, 36 percent of Russians faced leadership abuse. In 2019, this figure was 31 percent. At the same time, men face psychological violence more often than women (39 and 32 percent, respectively). Compared to 2019, Russians have become less likely to talk about humiliation and insults, but more often about threats and high-pitched communication.

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The survey was conducted from September 22 to November 2 among three thousand respondents from all districts of Russia over 18 years of age who have work experience.

Earlier it was reported that Roszdravnadzor sent a letter to the territorial authorities with an instruction to report to the prosecutor’s office about Russians who take part in anti-vaccination campaigns. The relevant document was signed by the head of the department Alla Samoilova. It emphasizes that special attention should be paid to physicians who oppose vaccinations.


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