Russo-Ukrainian war hit energy Midcat natural gas pipeline expected to be revived

sinceRussiaSince the invasion of Ukraine, Spain has renewed its call for the creation of a large-scale midcentury between the country and France.natural gaspipeline, so that Europe is no longer dependent on Russian energy.

What is midcat?

The 190-km-long Midi-Catalonia (MIDCAT) pipeline from southern France to Catalonia, initially conceived in 2003, would transport natural gas from Oslo north of Barcelona to the Pyrenees. Hostalric is taken to Barbara in southern France.

Midcat pipeline aims to transport natural gas from Algeria through SpainThe European Unionother areas. There are currently only two small gas pipelines connecting Spain and France.

But after several years of work, the plan was abandoned in 2019 after energy regulators in both countries rejected the project after questioning its environmental impact and profitability.

Why Resume?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the European Union has vowed to end its reliance on Russian gas. Russia currently supplies about 40% of the EU’s natural gas needs.

Natural gas can be transported from Algeria to Spain by sea and pipeline to the rest of Europe via Midcat.

EU Executive Committee President Ursula von der Leyen said in Barcelona on 6th that the Midcat pipeline is very important to reduce the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels and “end the Kremlin’s blackmail”.

What are the obstacles?

The Midcat pipeline faces several obstacles, the first being an estimated cost of 440 million euros ($460 million) in 2018 and the fact that it will take three to four years to complete.

“The midcat cannot be considered a short-term solution,” French ambassador to Spain Jean-Michel Casa told Barcelona’s La Vanguardia in March.

Is Help Available?

Despite debate over its usefulness, MidCat has garnered significant support, particularly in Spain, where officials are urging the EU to announce the project in the “public interest”.

France has so far taken a more reserved stance, but Madrid said the stance was changing.

Spain’s Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera said the midcat brought a new “perception of risk and opportunity”. Paris “understood” that Midcat “must become”, she said.

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