Salt for health: Salt is not only for taste.. but also for health.. | Salt not only gives the taste of food, but it is also necessary for health, but the limit is important.

HealthSalt for health: Salt is not only for taste.....

salt for health

Salt for health: If you forget to add salt in your diet or add too much salt.. then there is a big fight over salt in most of the households. That’s why we all know the importance of salt in the diet. Salt is important not only for taste but also for health. However, not knowing how much salt can have serious effects on health. “Experts say that a teaspoon of salt per day is beneficial for a healthy person. Salt is a good source of sodium. But, consuming it in excess can cause blood pressure problems as well as other health problems. The amount of blood plasma in the body.. Sodium needs to be taken regularly to maintain the acid-base. Eating 2300 mg of salt daily is good for health. Women suffering from high blood pressure should take only 1000-1500 mg of salt. That is, two thirds a teaspoon of salt.

Sodium is found not only in salt but also in packaged foods like pickles, chips, biscuits etc. Be sure to read food labels if you want to reduce sodium levels in your diet. If the food package states 5% DV, it means it is low in sodium. Do not buy because the package contains 20% DV (Daily Value) sodium. This reflects the high sodium content.

Which salt is better?

table salt

Table salt is used in our homes. It is iodized. It contains a small amount of iodine. Iodine is an important substance that is needed by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Many people suffer from iodine deficiency, so the government decided to iodize salt. People with hypothyroidism can take iodized salt in limited amounts.

Himalayan pink salt

Rock salt is called Himalayan pink salt. This salt is pink in colour. Considered pure salt. It contains limited amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. Plus, it contains less sodium than regular table salt. The minerals present in it are even more beneficial. It also contains minerals like potassium and magnesium which fulfill the sodium requirement of the entire body. It also prevents the negative effects of sodium. It tastes less salty than traditional table salt. Also it is slightly sweet in taste. It is widely used in the manufacture of cakes and cookies.

kosher salt

It is thicker than table salt. It dissolves easily. Hence it is easily used in all purpose dishes. This salt does not contain iodine. This salt is mostly used for sprinkling on non-veg.

Black Salt

Rock salt contains minerals like potassium, iron and sodium chloride. This salt removes stomach related problems. It also keeps stomach problems away.

Black Salt

This salt is formed from rocks found in the Himalayas. Its smell is also pungent. Its strong smell is due to the sulfur present in it. Its benefits are also mentioned in Ayurveda. This will reduce the problem of constipation.

How to reduce salty foods?

  • Read the nutrition facts label.
  • Reduce the consumption of fast food, give preference to home food.
  • Buy fresh instead of frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not add salt separately to the food.
  • Add spices instead of salt.

This way, you can add the right amount of salt for your health needs. You can use the information mentioned here while buying salt from the market.

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