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San Francisco accelerates traffic speed camera installation to achieve Vision Zero traffic fatalities

san franciscoMayor London N. The City Council voted unanimously on the 2nd to pass legislation drafted by Breed. This legislation would shorten the speed camera installation process by one year and ensure that the cameras are in use by 2025.

2023,CaliforniaThe Legislature passed Bill 645, allowing San Francisco and five other cities to implement a five-year pilot of speed safety cameras. Breed said creating safer roads starts with addressing speed, the leading cause of deaths and injuries in traffic crashes. Now is the time to get these cameras on our roads as soon as possible. These are an important tool to save lives.

City attorney David Chiu said that in more than 200 cities across the country, automated speed enforcement has been proven to slow down drivers and save lives. In 2017, he introduced the first automated speed enforcement bill in the state legislature. He never expected it to take seven years to complete, but is excited to finally see it become a reality in San Francisco. He thanked all the advocates and policy makers who have fought for this life-saving technology.

Eighth District City Councilman Rafael Mandelman said the San Francisco Transportation Authority strongly supports this pilot project and has provided $150,000 in Proposition L to promote speed cameras. The cameras will help slow down on the most dangerous stretches of road to achieve Vision Zero goals.

The safety speed cameras will help enforce reduced speeds around eight schools, 12 parks, 11 social service sites (including places for seniors and people with disabilities) and 12 neighborhood businesses.

To urge the Department of Transportation to accelerate improvements to transportation infrastructure, city councilors asked the city attorney to prioritize completing San Francisco’s “Vision Zero” of traffic crash deaths and improvements in high-risk areas. Asked to draft a bill to authorize an emergency declaration. As soon as possible., as well as facilities in accident-prone areas, reflect the urgency of transportation improvements in San Francisco.

Despite a decade-long citywide effort to reduce traffic deaths through an initiative called Vision Zero, San Francisco’s streets are not getting safer overall. Citywide data shows that intersections where roads meet are hotspots for traffic accidents.

San Francisco has made recent progress toward safer streets, such as improved traffic signal timing, implementing faster construction in 2019, andpandemicDuring this period, cars should slow down and share the road with pedestrians and cyclists during slow-moving road restrictions in effect.

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