Wednesday, July 6, 2022

San Jose airport soars to passenger milestone in coronavirus era

SAN JOSE — San Jose International Airport has soared to a coronavirus-era milestone: The Silicon Valley aviation hub has handled at least 1 million passengers in a month since the deadly virus outbreak.

More than 1 million passengers flew through the San Jose airport in May, city aviation officials said.

“While still below the record numbers we saw before the pandemic, breaking the 1 million mark puts San Jose International Airport back in what we most recently saw in 2018,” said city director John Aitken. to within the range of monthly activities.” of Aviation.

The 1,009,023 passengers who flew over the San Jose airport in May were nearly double the 589,600 passengers who used the airport in May 2021, according to Silicon Valley Aviation Hub.

However, the current numbers are still well below the average monthly passenger totals for the period before the coronavirus outbreak and the government-ordered shutdown starting in March 2022.

For the year ending in February 2020 — the last month of mandatory closures to combat the deadly bug — San Jose Airport averaged 1.32 million passengers per month.

The news agency’s analysis of airport statistics showed the total number of passengers in May was just over 1 million, 23.4% below the pre-coronavirus monthly average.

Still, passenger activity at the airport is clearly on an upward trajectory, according to airport officials.

During the first five months of 2022, the San Jose Airport averaged about 796,000 passengers per month, which is 116% or more than double the average monthly passenger volume of 368,100 in the same five months of 2021. Airport statistics ok.

“After nearly two years, we’ve seen our airport terminals slowly get busier and busier, and May’s traffic numbers are certainly a milestone to celebrate,” Aitken said.

US News.

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