Sandra Cuevas: “expensive” yoga classes in the sights that the mayor of Kuoutemok intends to offer

U.S.A.Sandra Cuevas: "expensive" yoga classes in the sights that...

Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_

Floor mats and tights have become a controversial issue in Mayor cuautemoco, sandra cuvas, after demarcating Yoga as one of its main stakes in the field of cultural activities.

Priority or fad? Ask the members of the Juárez neighborhood execution and monitoring committee, who assured the national newspaper Improvement, that the official intends to hand over the contract to acquire four yoga classes for a value of 52,200 pesos.

classes are part of the project Culture for all in Juarez Including social, community, cultural and recreational activities. As of October 25 Improvement, the mayor appointed the company directly balance counseling group As a creditor of 2 Lakh 78 Thousand 659 Pesos for offering the above activities.

However, the committee members noticed irregularities in the prices of mentoring specializing in coaching and human resources. 2020 project head Carla Hernandez explained Improvement That each yoga session (lasting up to 2 hours) would cost 5,000 pesos, but budgeted each class to cost 13,050 pesos.

Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_
Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_

This is not the first time that Cuevas has been chosen to allocate unpublished resources to social events, above a few other interests. on 1 October his oath taking It was full of luxury. Then, the woman – a politician from the PRI, PAN and PRD coalition “Va por México” – stumbled across street vendors who repeatedly chanted her name. “I’m not going to rule for the poor, because I know what that means… I’m going to rule so that you go up and no one will tamper with you,” he promised.

He thanked his supporters for getting the vote that took away the strategic mayor’s office from Morena.

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Mayer expressed happiness in his first speech as the winner of the election. With an enlightened face, he said: “Right now they have found absolutely nothing (illegal) and later they will not find it.” Cuevas said he would not deposit the property because his house would be the mayor’s office.

Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_
Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_

The coming of Sandra Cuevas to the seat of mayor of Cuauhtémoc means economic ruin in infrastructure such as Tourism-Technical Corridor, In one of the most emblematic places of the Mexican capital, pink area,

The infrastructure aims to be one of the main attractions for pedestrians. According to Cuevas, it will be located in Calle Genoa And it will have a double-lane roofed zip line with LED screen and corridor of 4 thousand square meters. The construction of the ambitious project will begin next month and will be inaugurated on February 14, 2022.

In politics, Sandra has developed in the public sphere. sat, What Senior Liaison Officer from 2008 to 2014. she was a department head in Ministry of Foreign Relations in the period from 2014 to 2015.

It was also developed as PRD militants; However, in 2020 he was part of the Senator’s team. Morena, Ricardo Monreal.

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