Santiago reappears in Nieto Nuevo Leone after resigning from FIU

U.S.A.Santiago reappears in Nieto Nuevo Leone after resigning from...

The former officer reappeared at a public event (Photo: Twitter / @ABCNoticiasMX)

after the announcement of the resignation of his position as the holder of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) For the scandal and criticism that arose as a result of her marriage in Guatemala, Santiago Nieto Castillo reappeared at a public event new lion, but escaped from the press present there.

The former government official accompanied his wife, a consultant to the National Electoral Institute (INE), to the Mexican History Museum in the country’s northern state. Carla Humphrey For an event organized in memory of by the Government of Jordan, Samuel Garcia International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women,

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According to local media, at the end of the show, despite Nieto Castillo’s insistence on questions, he sought permission to enter a private room of the campus library, argued that they had a meeting through Zoom.

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