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On November 25, SARAH, which operates the gourmet community app “SARAH” (Android version / iOS version) and the restaurant big data service “Food Data Bank”, raised a total of 220 million yen through a capital increase through third-party allotment. Announced. Underwriters are Seven-Eleven Japan, an existing investor, Social Entrepreneur 3 Investment Limited Partnership (PE & HR), DD Holdings Open Innovation Fund Investment Limited Partnership, Cross-Border Investment, and new underwriters Infomart and AP Holdings. The total amount raised was 770 million yen.

The funds raised will be invested in marketing, sales, customer success of each service, strengthening of the system and organizational strengthening of the electronic menu service “Smart Menu” for restaurants.

There are three types of businesses that SARAH develops. SARAH, which has a cumulative total of 800,000 posts (as of October 2021), is a gourmet community app that focuses on postings for one dish in a restaurant. You can post and search by menu, not by restaurant. FoodDataBank quantifies the restaurant market and its customer needs with data by extracting and analyzing the voices of a huge number of users in SARAH. Smart Menu is a service whose beta version has been in operation since May 2020. By combining SARAH data, it is possible to display recommended menus for each customer, and the goal is to contribute to improving the average customer price.

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