SAT: Which pensioners are required to submit their annual return

U.S.A.SAT: Which pensioners are required to submit their annual...


Like every year, taxpayers have to file their annual return between January and March. This is a report to the Tax Administration Service (sat), where the personal income and expenses generated during the year are reflected, so as to pay taxes or request a refund or balance in favor.

However, these kinds of issues have come to present some kind of questions like: Should pensioners also submit their annual returns?

According to satThere are certain types of people senior citizens That they are bound to submit the said report and are:

* Older adults earning the most 400,000 pesos Year.

*Also those who have income from leash, that is, they charge rent for owning certain properties.


It is important to expand pensioners who want, they can also make their voluntary declaration, i.e. retirees who need the balance amount in favor of taxes paid during the year.

It is recommended in these cases that, if you want to add personal deductions that may result in a tax refund, it will be important to do so.

It should be remembered that these individual deductions are those that users would be entitled to deduct from their accumulated income in the annual return.

What are those personal deductions?

Broadly speaking, this are deducted those relating to payment in education; health such as: hospital expenses, prosthetics, among others; As well as funeral expenses, which can be considered with the invoice in hand and those of close people such as: parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, spouse or common-law wife.

According to the SAT, a favorable balance on the annual tax return can be achieved if one or more of the deduction options are considered.

The return process can be achieved by submitting an annual return, which is done either in person or through the web. According to Treasury, Return They must be applied at least 75 business days after the origin of the process.

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The process of getting the Annual Declaration can be done through internet. In this case, the interested party can follow certain steps.


How to announce via internet?

*Interested party has to access the application with his/her RFC and Password or e-Sign. Here.

* Fill in the information asked for by the declaration.

* Later you will have to send the declaration.

* Receive acknowledgment of receipt of declaration at the end.

In the event of sharing of false information in order to obtain a favorable balance, it would be considered an offense of tax fraud, and where appropriate, severe penalties would be imposed.

Deductible expenses can be applied by the spouse, common law partner or common law partner, as the invoice can be requested in the name of the wife or partner, even if the payment is made by other family members.

In addition to spouses, expenses of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandparents, daughters, sons, grandchildren and grandchildren may also be recognized.

How to get it? To cut expenses, the SAT recommends making payments through electronic means and requesting an invoice in the couple’s name.

According to the Tax Administration Service, not everything applies, so it will be necessary to analyze what are the expenses that can be deducted, as the case may be.

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