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Scholar: Learn about the actuarial time of a phone call

chairmanbidenwith the Chinese PresidentXi JinpingExperts and scholars believe that this is an important bilateral call between the United States and China. This is necessary not only to keep the dialogue channel open and ensure the stable development of US-China dialogue, but also to avoid miscalculation before the US election.

Regarding the call with Xi Jinping, some scholars said this was the outcome everyone expected after Secretary of State Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in February. However, both sides chose this time point, which was apparently calculated after some calculations. On the one hand, just after the Easter holiday in the United States, public opinion is muted; On the other hand, the Republican and Democratic parties have almost completed the intra-party primary process and have entered the calm before the storm. Instead of making phone calls after entering into a face-to-face election battle, it is better to vote now without being influenced by the elections. Communicate.

Li Dazhong, a professor at the Institute of International Affairs and Strategy at Tamkang University, said the content of the call should continue discussions between the two sides last year.san franciscoThe context of the meeting is to regulate US-China relations on international issues, maintain communication and contact in critical areas, and avoid accidents and misfires.

Yin Liqiao, a special researcher at the Center for China Studies of National Taiwan University, also believes that the US and Chinese leaders are talking on the phone at this time because they hope that US-China talks will remain on a relatively stable path. -Stressful issues are inevitable; But he also said both sides could also focus on Russia. Coordinate the possibility of joint cooperation between the United States and China to resolve issues such as the war in Ukraine and the war between Israel and Kazakhstan. Problem.

Li Dazhong pointed out that Biden and Xi Jinping discussed resuming military pipeline talks between the United States and China in San Francisco last year, including between Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff C.Q. Brown Jr. and Chief of Staff A video call was also included. Liu Zhenli, joint staff of the Chinese Military Commission, at the end of December last year. At the meeting, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense also recently reported that preparations for the maritime military security consultation mechanism meeting between the Chinese and US militaries are progressing smoothly. He believes that there can be further talks on this issue between Biden and Xi Jinping.

The phone call between the US and Chinese leaders coincided with the visit to Taiwan of Laura Rosenberger, President of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). Some scholars believe this is not a coincidence, but rather that the leaders of China and the United States were trying to strike a balance with Taiwan before the phone call. They did not want Taiwan to worry about being “betrayed”. He also confirmed this. The attitude of the new government before the inauguration of Lai Qingde on 20 May. Ensure “zero accidents” on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.



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