Tuesday, August 2, 2022

School community condemns Aliso Viejo’s racist proposal

Saturday night’s Aliso Niguel High School Prom at Aliso Viejo will be a night to remember for many of the teens in attendance, but for some, the prelude to the event might make it an unforgettable one.

A student’s proposal sparked an outcry over its racist themes, including a photo of George Floyd alongside the assertion that a yes answer “would surprise me!”

Images of the sign, along with two students, drew attention online, with some calling it “offensive, [appalling] Simply disrespectful. “

An email to the school community from principal Michael Hatcher also criticized the proposal.

“This logo is very disappointing, culturally insensitive, extremely offensive, and does not reflect the values ​​we aspire to at Aliso Niguel High School,” Hatcher wrote.

The principal also pledged to take action, including continuing the work of the Cultural Diversity team to create “an environment that values ​​diversity and is welcoming, empathetic and inclusive of all students and staff”.

“We will use this as an opportunity for all of our students to learn and grow,” Hatcher concluded.

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