Sean Yu had a panic attack on the plane, pulled on his seatbelt and reached out to the flight attendant: I’m about to die

Sean Yu had a panic attack on the plane. (video screenshot)

Hong Kong star Sean Yu manages to run the trendy brand, and will sell his own brand in mid-MarchNFTProject “ZombieClub Token” set another record, and it opened “Inside Out” 6 months agoyoutubeThe channel recently released a video of him flying to New York, revealing that he had a panic attack on the plane, saying, “I’m really going to die, the flight attendant quickly called a doctor.” asked for help

Sean Yu had a panic attack on the plane.  (video screenshot)
Sean Yu had a panic attack on the plane. (video screenshot)

Sean Yu released a video on the YouTube channel “Inside Out” on the 12th, documenting his trip to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of brothers. In the film, after arriving in New York, he talks to his brother about his first panic attack. He said it was a flight to France, “When the plane took off simultaneously, I unplugged my seat belt and ran to tell the flight attendants., I said I couldn’t do it anymore, I’m going to die leaving”, he kept on telling the flight attendant, “I’m really going to die, I’m really scared, I want to get off the plane”, even though the flight attendant told him “Mr. You, the plane just took off.” took off”, still unable to hide her discomfort, she said, “I want to go back,” while the flight attendant hurriedly called a doctor.

Sean Yu also said that when he flew to New York this time and was on the plane, “it felt like it was coming again.” He quickly took the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but still it took him about half an hour to rest. Situation

Sean U.  (courtesy from Instagram)
Sean U. (courtesy from Instagram)

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