Sebastian Martinez imitates Justin Bieber’s dance moves to celebrate Christmas

U.S.A.Sebastian Martinez imitates Justin Bieber's dance moves to celebrate...

Photo: Instagram @SebastianMartinezN

Many ‘advertising ports’ of Christmas, have already been put on the air by national entertainment figures, for example, Sebastian Martinez, On Wednesday, November 24, he realized this when he published a video specifically, What was it about? Too, Money imitated a dance by Justin Bieber (Canadian singer), And the clip is composed by a song that will get the party going anywhere: ‘Carinito san mi,’ which was narrated in the voice of Pastor Lopez. This is how the actor left a comparison video between himself and the Canadian artist on his Instagram account.

It will happen without you speaking, The video by Martinez was titled: “The Gringo and the Colombians know that… Christmas is here!” On the other hand, the dance of the interpreter of ‘I’ll Show You’ has gone viral – viral through social networks and media.

A bit of Sebastian Martinez’s career:

El Paisa has a large acting career, he has shown his talent in this regard in ‘La Vida de la Mafia’ (2005), ‘Rosario Tijeras’ (2010) – both of which belong to the telenovelas RCN, a channel in which the actor The work has worked widely – however, if RCN is left out and his work is discussed in other networks, there are Telemundo and the series ‘La Querida del Santoro’ (2017) and few more.

Sebastian Martinez, on the other hand, has also forayed into the cinematographic arena with feature films like ‘Gallows Hill’, which released in 2014 with Victor Garcia as director.

Now, if we talk about Martinez’s passionate sphere, we should not leave out that he is married to a colleague, especially Cathy Sainz since December 2008. “The day we took an oath of eternal love. It was so sublime and exciting that from the moment I took his hand to lead him to the altar, I couldn’t stop crying. There is nothing more beautiful and unique than the cry of true love. The actor reminisced about his wedding with the former queen last July.

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Post to Instagram by Sebastian Martinez.  Photo: @sebastianmartinezn
Post to Instagram by Sebastian Martinez. Photo: @sebastianmartinezn (Photo: @sebastianmartinezn /)

Other famous Colombians who are already in the Christmas mood:

As the month of December approaches, in this small street that still has to be covered by the start of Christmas, some figures of national entertainment are already in the mood for decoration in their homes. for example, Luisa Castro He published eight photos and a video depicting an outing he made and aimed to buy Christmas items, in addition to showing one thing in particular that he claims to be “not to beat”. : His Christmas tree.

what’s more, The Christmas trees of Sara Uribe (money presenter) and Marbelle (singer from Buenos Aires) have also been spotted on social networks. Whereas, on November 14 alejandra serge He showed some places in his house in the video that Christmas came early for him.

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