Sebastian Pinera: “Let’s give the whole world an example of how democracy works in Chile”

U.S.A.Sebastian Pinera: "Let's give the whole world an example...

President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera

“I hope this is an inspiration for the nearly 15 million Chileans to participate in this election. All votes matter, all opinions matter”, assured Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. The president predicted a clean, transparent election. “Let’s give an example to the whole world of how democracy works in Chile,” he said.

In addition, he sent a message to the candidates: “As for the elected candidates, they can never forget that they have been chosen by the people to serve the people. We ask them to contribute towards improving the quality of the policy.”

Over 2,800 polling stations open this Sunday The most important and uncertain election in Chile’s recent history In which the successor of today‘s President Sebastian Pinera will be chosen.

Polls agree that none of the seven candidates will receive more than 50% of the votes required to be crowned in the first round, including Gabriel Boric (left) and Jose Antonio Cast (far right) on December Will be favorite to vote. 19.

The two have very different programs: Boric, 35, deputy and former student leader who defines himself as an ecologist, feminist and regionalist, seeks to expand the role of the state toward Europe‘s equitable welfare model.

For his part, Kast, a 55-year-old Catholic lawyer, seeks to downplay the role of the state, lower taxes, tackle irregular migration with a heavy hand, and ban gay marriage and abortion of all kinds.

“everything is possible”

Yasna Provoste (centre-left) and Sebastian Sichel (ruling right) also hold prospects, according to the latest polls published before the election ban two weeks ago.

“Everything is possible, but most likely Cast and Boric will go to the second round, although I would not be surprised if Provoste and Sichel did. This is the most uncertain election since the return to democracy”, Trescintos Efe, director of pollster Kenneth Bunker accepted.

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The new president will have the task of leading the post-pandemic recovery, enforcing the norms of the new constitution and closing the wounds left by the 2019 protests, the most severe since the end of the military dictatorship (1973-1990). Yes, with thirty. Thousands injured every year.

Raul Algueta of the University of Santiago assured Efe that “the level of prediction was very high” before the implementation of the voluntary vote in 2012, but now “Chile is an unpredictable country”, especially after the social outbreak.

Voluntary voting has also had an effect on participation, with no election taking more than 50% of the voter list since 2012, except for the referendum on a new constitution held in October 2019 (50.9%), a mark that will be held this Sunday. can fight, according to experts.

More than 15 million Chileans called to vote They will choose 155 delegates to serve four-year terms and 27 from 43 senators to serve eight-year terms.

The creation of a new parliament would be crucial to the country’s governance and analysts predict that no force would have a majority and that major agreements would be necessary to legislate.

Voting will close at 18:00 local time (21:00 GMT) and the first results are expected a few hours later.

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