“Second Celebration”: Atolini recalls one of AMLO’s key moments in reaching the presidency

U.S.A."Second Celebration": Atolini recalls one of AMLO's key moments...

Antonio Attolini remembered when AMLO declared himself the legitimate president (Photos: Cuartoscoro)

political scientist and openly sympathetic fourth change (4T), Antonio Atolini, One of the most important moments of the President‘s political career remembered Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

It was through his official Twitter account that he reacted to another publication, recalling 15 years earlier, at the start of his six-year tenure. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the current federal president called himself “legitimate presidentIn the nation‘s capital, in front of thousands of people on a plate of joklo. At the time, he was accompanied by the current head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum and worker Rosario Ibarra.

In view of this, in the framework of the 111th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, Antonio Atolini classified the event as “another celebration of 20 November”.

(Photo: Twitter/@antonioetolini)
(Photo: Twitter/@antonioetolini)

After Pan Felipe Calderón lost the presidential election, López Obrador took the lead protest in the capital of the country who settled in the Paseo de la Reforma to protest the outcome of the controversial votes.

In the elections of 2 July 2006, PAN candidate was declared the winner with 14.91 million votes, a gain of 0.56% Against the coalition candidate “For the Good of All”, López Obrador, who received 14.68 million.

The blockade, which began on July 30, 2006, came after a hand vote in the Zocalo grid, after Calderón, INE and National Action refused to count the total votes.

,I propose that we stay here in a Standing Assembly (…) that we stay here day and night, till the votes are counted. And we have an elected president with the minimum legitimacy that we Mexicans are entitled to”, declared the current chief executive at the time.

AMLO protests as president on December 1, 2018 after running for the presidency 3 times (Photo: Cuartocuro)
AMLO protests as president on December 1, 2018 after running for the presidency 3 times (Photo: Cuartocuro)

The sit-in was extended till 15 September 47 day period The Electoral Tribunal declared Calderón Hinojosa the winner of the election and after a set of electoral packages were recalculated.

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On the other hand, last Saturday during the celebration of the 111th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, López Obrador was awarded the Military Merit decoration General Luis Crescencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense of Mexico and Admiral Jose Rafael Ojeda DuranNavy Secretary.

In his speech, the Chief Executive classified this historic event as one of the most popular and profound changes in the country.

,Revolution is the most popular and profound change that has been recorded in our country, Note that since independence and throughout the nineteenth century, the structure of colonial dominions remained practically unchanged. Social justice did not exist, not even in speechThe majority of the population also did not participate in politics, an activity reserved for the liberal or conservative elite,” the president said.

At the end of her speech, the singer Maria Ines Ochoa, Corridor Francisco Ocampo Ramirez, Trio and Folk Ensemble National Defense Secretariat and NS Armed Forces Memorial Mariachi Together with their respective singers, they perform the popular Corridor of the Revolution. in the company of INBA’s National School of Folk Dance, NS Mexican Association of Chereria And this Mexican Federation of Charos, It started with the dances and corridors of the time on the Esplanade.

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