“Second Generation of the Most Beautiful Star” Qiu Xuzen’s daughter Shen Yue makes her South Korea debut? I say so

Shen Yu was revealed to debut in South Korea under the English name “Ayla”. (courtesy from Instagram)

hong kongThe sexy goddess Qiu Shuzhen has been out of showbiz for many years, but the eldest daughter Shen Yu inherited her mother’s good genes and was named the second generation of most beautiful star. Shen Yu is now 20 years old, and it is rumored that she quietly took off in February of this year.South KoreaLater, she wanted to debut locally under the English name “Ayla”, to which Shen Yu also responded.

In fact, Shen Yu denied the rumors when she was first interviewed on the cover of a Chinese magazine, insisting that she would focus on her studies and modeling career, saying, “The first show was my I don’t have an appearance, I’m not, and I’m not ready to be an apprentice, but in order to fulfill all kinds of life, I still have to study hard, be a model, write something, Sometimes is to draw, experiment with cooking, and enjoy the precious things. Time to be a parent and mother, and Shen Ri Shenchen’s sister, I hope that the little things in life Will continue to share with you, please give me more advice!”

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