Secrets of the Bad Bunny: His Mom’s Reaction to “Safaera” and the Lessons He’s Left This Year

U.S.A.Secrets of the Bad Bunny: His Mom's Reaction to...

Archive photo of singer Bad Bunny. EFE / Jose Mendezo

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known by his stage name “Bad Bunny”, has become one of the most important musical references over the past 5 years, The Puerto Rican-born artist expressed all the learning and self-criticism that the past two years have left him, and even with a pandemic on top, marked one of his most successful seasons. .

“Benito” was recently awarded American Music Awards where he garnered a flurry of Latin nominations. he was also honored Latin Grammy For Best Album of 2021 for “The Last Tour of the World”. After winning several awards, the 27-year-old artist revealed intimate details of his life to “Vulture” magazine.

Early in the interview, the singer-songwriter admitted that one of her most significant successes in her career, Safaera, from the album “YHLQMDLG”, was criticized by his mother, who told him: “You screwed up, oh my god, you got out of line!recalled the interpreter of one time,

The image records a performance of Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny in Mexico City (Mexico).  EFE / Jose Mendezo
The image records a performance of Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Jose Mendezo

“Benito” told interviewer Lia García-Furtado that:It’s been a ‘bastard’ year in so many ways”, and it is that Bad Bunny stood out at various events, which put him at the top of the world in entertainment, because of his unexpected participation WrestleMania with WWE, until his recent foray into the acting world.

about their partnership with WWE where he stood out for causing rivalry with Miz And John Morrison He admitted that it was exciting to see the acceptance of a group different from his support group: “He is not a fan of Bad Bunny. They don’t listen to reggaeton; They hear metal, I know they hate me, and I think it’s funny; love it. I was so ready for hate,” he said.

With the performance at his stake, Bad Bunny revealed that he would like to venture into deeper roles: “Acting is something that I may continue to do in the future, I would love to do more comedy, and maybe drama, rather than the course of action I am currently on,” he says.

Bad Bunny Juno a Booker T and Royal Rumble 2021.  (Photo: WWE)
Bad Bunny Juno a Booker T and Royal Rumble 2021. (Photo: WWE)

Bad Bunny collaborates on Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, in which he plays “El Kitty”, a young drug trafficker who cooperates with the family Arellano Felix, the head of the Tijuana Cartel. Also, after filming his episodes for the Netflix series, he went to Los Angeles to participate in the film bullet train From director David Leach with Brad Pitt.

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On the other hand, his followers always want to know what they think about the harsh criticism of “The Bad Rabbit”: “I don’t take seriously all the good I carry with me”, he emphasized. “Bad guys, sometimes you read them and think, Hey, they’re right. You realize that these are not bad reviews, just valid reviews. Then there are people who are on crazy journeys and you have to ignore them.”

artist on the other hand He spoke on the controversy over which his colleague Jay Balvin Those who called for the boycott of the Latin Grammys should remember that the duo starred in one of the most awarded albums of 2019. Oasis.

“I haven’t discussed it with him, but I don’t think it’s even necessary. What I said in that interview was my general opinion. He knows I respect him, his music, and what he does.” People think that he and I are friends like we talk everyday. We don’t have that kind of relationship where we talk and hang out all the time, you know? I really don’t have that kind of relationship with other actors. It is very difficult for me “, explained to the interpreter of Song.

Photo provided by Rimas Music where Puerto Rican urban singer Bad Bunny appears with his second album "YHLQMDLG" (short for the phrase? Yo hago lo que me da la song?) Released on February 29.  Became the most important Latin artist of 2020.  EFE / Rimas Music
Photo provided by Rimas Music where Puerto Rican urban singer Bad Bunny is seen, most with his second album “YHLQMDLG” (short for the phrase? Yo Hago Lo Que Me da La Song?) released on February 29 became an important Latin artist. Efe / Rimas Music

Finally, the interpreter revealed that he only recently began to think about music and the generation icon he became: “I feel it every day, I swear,” he says. “Two or three weeks ago, I was talking to myself, trying to accept it, like, bastard, this is who you are now. You have to learn to live with it.”

interpreter of We are fine He expressed that his public image likes to enjoy fame, but sometimes he misses the submissive child and gets nervous: “Benito who loves attention. He likes to joke with his crew. But once I’m in a group of strangers I’m shy, quiet, and reserved until I feel a little comfortable”, concluded the Puerto Rican singer.

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