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Self-proclaimed “God’s Army” drives trucks to “take back” Orthodox border

Recently, a group of conservatives calling themselves “God’s Army” drove trucks to the southern border of the United States in protest of the large influx of undocumented immigrants into the United States. It is reported that peaceful demonstrations are also planned to be held on the borders of California, Arizona and other places. Many analysts believe that the protests are part of the campaign ahead of the US elections; Chinese political experts in Southern California also believe that the issue of “undocumented immigrants” will become one of the important issues in this election.

On January 29, in Virginia, a rally called “Take Our Border Back” involved several truck convoys. Organizers criticized the Biden administration for leaving the US border “open”. Many participants waved American flags and placards in support of those convicted of participating in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. The group says its goal is simple: to educate people about the dangers of an open southern border.

In an interview with mainstream media, one protester said that it was a peaceful demonstration. Starting on January 29, protests lasted for about a week in areas where there are many undocumented immigrants. Some protesters pointed out that undocumented immigrants seeking asylum would place a heavy financial burden on the country and that it was unfair to impose it on American taxpayers. It is reported that a similar protest convoy will take place in California and its speed also means that the issue of undocumented immigrants will become an issue in this year’s presidential election.

Li Bingxin, a current affairs commentator in Southern California, believes thatillegal immigrantThe lack of control is unfair to legal immigrants. “Most Americans enter the country legally, but after the Biden administration came to power, the southern border has become almost arbitrary,” he said.undocumented guestEntry status. The Democratic Party itself protects the disenfranchised and supports equality, but without controls, it turns into a bad currency that drives out the good currency: immigrants looking for a legal way to come have to wait. There is no time, and those crossing the border to enter illegally become immigrants. A kind of tendency”.

A proposal currently being finalized would require the federal government to close the border and also bar immigrants crossing illegally from applying for asylum. In December last year, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded more than 10,000 people entering the United States illegally. Due to insufficient manpower, CBP officers often immediately release undocumented travelers. If passed, the proposal would be the largest bipartisan change to US immigration law in 30 years.

The judges of the Federal Supreme Court voted on the 22nd to rule that the federal government can remove the inhumane barbed wire fence on the US-Mexico border, which caused the demonstration.These barbed wire fences are madetexasGovernor Abbott ordered the installation to stop the smuggling of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States. The Biden administration believes it has injured some undocumented travelers and hindered the federal government from enforcing immigration laws at the border. Texas claims the right to defend itself against what it calls an immigrant invasion and says it will not comply with federal orders. Both parties insist on their own views, and Abbott’s approach is supported by dozens of Republican governors. Locals in Texas formed a “Lord’s Army” of thousands to resist the large influx of immigrants and protect border sovereignty. The government is worried about some extremists. I will take advantage of this opportunity to create trouble.

Regarding the barbed wire litigation issue, lawyer Liu Longzhu said the Biden administration may make some concessions. Liu Longzhu pointed out that from a legal perspective, the Supreme Court has ruled that CBP has the power to enforce the law. From a political perspective, it is an election year, and most people have strong opinions on the illegal entry of undocumented immigrants. He believes Biden’s mistake was that, firstly, he did not expect Texas to be so tough, and secondly, he did not expect so many states to support Texas’ approach. If Biden continues his original approach, he may lose the election altogether.

Faced with increasing numbers of undocumented immigrants, Abbott has taken practical action in recent years, and chartered long-distance buses to transport undocumented immigrants to Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. The controversial “Operation Lone Star” is launched. , Wait for cities to be run by Democrats so people can experience firsthand what the problems are like in their own backyard. Abbott’s methods have caused a lot of headaches for the Democratic camp. In September 2022, two special Texas buses carrying undocumented travelers were dropped off near the official residence of Vice President Harris Harris. Nonprofit organizations rushed to help resettle more than a hundred undocumented travelers.

Los Angeles has also become one of the main destinations for undocumented travelers from Texas. From June to August 2023, a total of 11 immigration buses from Texas arrived in Los Angeles, carrying a total of 435 undocumented travelers. The immigrants in the car mainly come from Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries, and Chinese people are also seen in some cars.

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