Selina recognized Bel Canto’s “voice” and refused to sing on the spot to go to talk shows for fans.

Selina is merely a “studio singer” who interacts with fans and tries to open the door for a talk show. (Reporter Wang Kangxian/Photography)

Singer Selina (Ren Jiaxuan), 40, experienced low voice over the past year, and calmly changed from a melodious high pitch to lazy mid-bass, and released the physical album “I Want to Master the Road to Beauty”. She did not describe it as “lucky”, but “a good result”.

Over the past 2 years, she sought help from ENT officials and vocal music teachers, but could not find a reason. He once thought that psychology influenced physiology. Now she is proud of her love and career, and Bel Canto is still unable to be found. It’s because of some physical changes.” At the beginning of casting her voice, she was very distressed. Jing thought God was joking with her, and she was so angry that she stopped listening to the music.” He is the cornerstone of my entertainment industry. I started with this; That’s not the point, so my existence, what’s left of me? But after a while, she naturally started playing songs again, humming her favorite melody to her favorite tone, “I still can’t hate singing. Well, I can still sing AMEI songs.” I’ll lower the octave if the key is too high, I can still sing, and it won’t turn into a vowel.”

Selina re-released the film after experiencing low voice, and praised the lazy mid-bass more for her age and appearance.  (Reporter Wang Kangxian /...
Selina re-released the film after experiencing low voice, and praised the lazy mid-bass more for her age and appearance. (Reporter Wang Kangxian/Photography)

She said emotionally: “Maybe I can’t sing the old songs, or I can’t use the old ways anymore, because I can’t find them, but I can still sing in new ways. I think it really is.” I really am. It’s a gift, so this album is a great result.” He asked how to interpret classic songs with mid-bass if SHE is added in the future? She joked that Ella’s voice had widened after giving birth, adding with a smile, “Ella’s voice has gotten louder now, so I forgot it was Jiahua or we just talked . I will sing Ella’s part in the future, and Ella will sing my part. Share.”

Although Selina calmly admits that her current voice suits her age and appearance, she never thought of performing live would be a “studio singer”, explaining, “In the past, singing came naturally. used to be good, but now I want to sing well. You have to be very attentive, and there’s no way to distract others. Anyway, no matter how well I sing, the sound in the studio is better, live fans don’t want to hear No matter how much you can sing live, they want more silent emotional exchange.”Movies, New songs or hosts are all presented as work What is the name of the interactive activities? She suddenly said, “Talk shows are my favorite lately.” When I was a kid, I found it interesting to watch cross talk shows, and I also found that my speech had been muddled lately. She laughed and said, “Talk show actors shouldn’t read scripts, right? I’ll just be a willful talk show and say I need a teleprompter.” He also claimed that if the matter came to light, he would pack a front desk ticket to thank the reporter. Suggestion.

Selina calmly faced the low tide.  (Reporter Wang Kangxian/Photography)
Selina calmly faced the low tide. (Reporter Wang Kangxian/Photography)


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