Selina said her father was “forced to bless” and left her hairpin: ready to remarry

Selina is ready to get married, but she insists on not registering. (Reporter Wang Kangxian/Photography)

Selina (Ren Jiaxuan) released the physical album “The Road to Beauty, I Want to Be My Own Master”. Asked about the example of persisting in oneself and chasing beauty despite the advice of others? She admitted that she was 7 years younger than her boyfriend Xiao Xu. She said, “My dad often compares my life a lot… He objected, just like when he thought boys were a lot younger than me, he felt bad. But I just persevered, and now it looks beautiful.” is.”

She joked that dad Ren was now “forced to bless”, seeing him happy and happy, and thanked her boyfriend for taking care of his daughter. A few days ago, she took her boyfriend to attend Huang Jijiao’s 50th birthday banquet, and her boyfriend accidentally poses as the “front” picture. She once flashed, “He’s not a normal pretty guy, but I understand how handsome he is. He is.” beautiful moment? She revealed that her boyfriend cooked coconut chicken for her, as her boyfriend didn’t cook much in the past. To satisfy his hunger, he used to practice at home and watch videos to learn how to cook, which would make him feel super handsome.

Her boyfriend used to be a fan of SHE, and he liked Selina the most and thought she was beautiful. Selina once lost her lover “Succeeded in chasing the stars and becoming an idol, how does it feel?” The lover simply replied with a smile; Talking about the changes in her relationship after the relationship came to light, she said that she would remind her boyfriend to be more disciplined while driving and would try her best to set an example; She admitted that she was worried that her boyfriend would be caught by the media, “I’m afraid he has an unknown past, but I really don’t want to know, I understand. It’s you now, if you want to find out slowly.” Even if it’s a bad habit in life, if it’s too dramatic, I’m afraid my little heart won’t take it.” But after thinking about it, the boyfriend has no black history to report before.

Selina has been with her boyfriend for half a year, and once told her lover, “I will never marry again”, but asked if her boyfriend proposed to marry her? She confessed that she had discussed it with her boyfriend: “Because if you do a really good job of begging, it’s romantic and surprising, and it really surprises me, I agree, but I don’t register.” I won’t, okay?” Kay Yanke announced to the world, but did not register, and bluntly said, “I don’t need (legal) protection.” If you break up with yourself, it’s still yours, that’s fair! She only hopes that they can both be unconditionally devoted and romantic, so that love is in a beautiful state. “It’s better to communicate well and let the heat continue, than to bind and restrict us by anything.” Her boyfriend said yes too, as she said, “(Come on) we’re the boss together, but I’m the boss.”

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