Senate wants to expedite passage of 40 billion aid for Ukraine bill, but one person slammed on the brakes

Senator Paul of Kentucky.Reuters

The New York Times and Capitol Hill reported on the 12th that in RussiaUkraineAs the brutality of the war escalates, the Democratic and Republican parties are committed to quickly providing $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. The US Congress is trying to speed up voting to pass the bill, but on the 12th Senator Rand Paul Kentucky’s defeat was single-handedly blocked.

According to reports, the US humanitarian and military aid package bill for Ukraine was passed by the House of Representatives on the 10th with 368 votes in favor and 57 votes against.managing committeeUnanimity is needed to overcome procedural hurdles and vote for approval.

Republican Senator Paul is a liberal who is a member of the U.S. Oppose foreign aid spending. He has attempted to amend the text of the aid bill to include provisions that establish an inspector general to oversee spending.managing committeeThe leader proposed that the amendment be voted on separately, but Paul was not satisfied, so he withheld the vote.

In his disagreement on the Senate floor, Paul cited concerns about inflation and rising energy and natural gas prices. “My oath of office is for the US Constitution, not for any foreign country,” and warned about the pace of spending, saying “we cannot destroy the US economy to save Ukraine”.

The Senate is still expected to approve the package bill, according to reports, but Paul’s objections will delay voting until at least next week. In addition, any legislative changes that require a second house vote may invite other members of Congress to force their own changes, which may delay consensus on legislation.

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