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Senior White House official quits liaison director citing family reasons

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PresidentBidensenior government officials in Novembermid term electionresigned earlier,white HouseLiaison director Kate Bedingfield is the latest official to leave.


The White House confirmed in a statement today that Bedingfield will be leaving this month. She has worked for the Biden campaign and the White House for three years and wants to spend more time with her husband and young children.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein said: “He has played a very important role in all of the presidential functions, from his second term in office to the campaign, to his entry into the White House.”

There has been a string of recent departures of senior officials, including Biden‘s Rapid Response Director Mike Gwynn and Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Shaqi left the White House in May to devote himself to TV media.

Agence France-Presse reported that Biden’s domestic policies had suffered several setbacks, such as the Supreme Court overturning originally guaranteed abortion rights, rising inflation, etc., and that Democratic members of Congress had long held their position. Dissatisfied with the promotional strategy.

Several other lower-level aides have also left the advocacy team in recent weeks, causing a wave of turmoil in the White House. However, veteran consultant Anita Dunn is back after a hiatus of almost a year.

Dunn, who is in charge of preparing for Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, said: “Long before we started, Bedingfield stood up for the president and made sure that our message in 2020 and in the White House is in line with his voice and principles. was consistent.”

Dunn also said, “Her leadership has helped us tell the story of Biden’s struggle for America’s working families. It will take some time for her to make family a priority, but she will always be a core member of our extended family.”


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