Sex, Drugs and the Controversy of Diego Maradona’s Life

SportsSex, Drugs and the Controversy of Diego Maradona's Life

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Sex , drugs and off-field life controversies Diego Maradona revealed in a very popular new TV series. The ups and downs of Diego Maradona’s life are depicted in the latest series Maradona: Blessed Dream.

The [email protected] Blessed Dream TV series can be found on Amazon Prime, ‘inspired by true facts, with some elements made for dramatization’. Instead of simply showing the Argentine maestro at his best, lifting the World Cup with his country, this series tries to portray what really made the late star famous.

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Maradona is played by Juan Palomino, who participates in several porn scenes. The series delves into the former footballer’s relationships, including his marriage to Claudia Villafane, and features raunchy sex scenes and emotional moments.

Maradona’s battle with drugs is also depicted. In fact, the first scene depicts an overweight Diego, 40 years old, collapsing from a drug overdose in 2000. His generous side is also shown, however, and the first episode concludes with 15-year-old Maradona moving his family into a middle-class home after becoming the youngest player in the game. Argentine First Division.

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Maradona: Blessed Dream originally aired on the Argentine channel Canal 9, and has been a huge success so far. The major operation was filmed over 154 days in 100 locations in five countries over a ten-month span. And since moving to Prime, it has reached audiences in 240 countries worldwide. The official trailer has been viewed by around 14 million people. It’s more than just Bridgerton’s smash hits and Part Four’s Money Heist.


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