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Shanghai allows Taiwanese compatriots to pay medical fees and apply for and maintain a residence permit for 2 years

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In Shanghai from mid-November, Taiwanese can participate in the community as long as they have a residence permit for more than two years and apply at the Community Affairs Acceptance Center.medical insuranceCai Shiming, vice president of the Shanghai Taiwanese Business Association, said that medical insurance is more relevant for Taiwanese people in Shanghai, which is useful for those who do not return to Taiwan insuranceBut it is more convenient for people in Taiwan who need medical treatment locally.

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On the 24th, someone issued an application to the Community Affairs Approval Center in Taiwan’s business district in Shanghai.medical insuranceAccording to information, the payment standard is RMB 545 per year for those over the age of 70; RMB 715 per year for those aged 69 to 60; RMB 885 per year for those aged 19 to 59; For students is RMB 245 per year.

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Kai Shiming, who has just returned from Taiwan and is in isolation in Shanghai, further pointed out that the Shanghai Taiwan Association did not issue an official document informing members that they can apply. Instead, someone who successfully applied on the 24th shared their application process with everyone. He explained that when Taiwanese people go to see a doctor in China, they collect relevant certificates and go back to Taiwan to apply for health insurance benefits. Not only does the reimbursement process take a long time, but they are not paid in full. , Apply to view the Transaction Acceptance Center.

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Cai Shiming pointed out that since 2019, China has gradually promoted Taiwanese people to participate in China’s five insurance and one fund (pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and housing provident fund) But some companies can’t help the people of Taiwan. Early stage gold, and it is not necessary that Taiwan is willing to pay five social insurance and one housing fund

The payment period for Taiwanese people to participate in the medical insurance for urban and rural residents in Shanghai this year is from November 15 to December 25.

And Suzhou has also opened up Taiwan residents to participate in medical insurance since October this year, and this condition is also applicable to Taiwanese residents who live in Suzhou and have obtained a residence permit.

Medical Insurance Registration Form. (Taiwan businessman/provided)

Handle medical insurance payment notices.  (Taiwan businessman/provided)
Handle medical insurance payment notices. (Taiwan businessman/provided)


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