Shanghai announced in mid-May to achieve “social zero” and return to normal life as soon as possible

Shanghai is slowly recovering from the pandemic. The picture shows the scene in the Jiading district of Shanghai on the 9th. At present, people in Shanghai’s “containment zone” can go out to shop and work in accordance with the “limited personnel, limited areas and limited activities” containment measures. Xinhua reported

Shanghai’s acting deputy mayor Wu Qing announced on the 13th that Shanghai’s current goal is to achieve a “social zero” by the middle of this month. At that time, systematic liberalization, limited flows, effective control and graded management will be implemented.return to workSystematically promote the restoration of production, the restoration of the market and school, and restore the normal order of production and life in the city as soon as possible.

Wu Qing said in a press conference on the morning of the 13th that Shanghai is currentlyEpidemicThe prevention and control situation is stable and continues to improve. Although there are still some small fluctuations, more than 99% of positive infected people were found in closed-loop controls. Screening of relevant risk groups Number of infected people In the last three days total 6 cases have been reported.

Wu Qing pointed out that in accordance with the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai is gradually moving from closed areas, containment zones and containment zones under general containment to emergency response to graded management of high, medium and low risk areas. Will change under and control.

What is the difference between “basically cleaned the social aspect”, “dynamically cleaned the social aspect” and “cleaned the social aspect”? Wu Qing stated that the evaluation criteria for “zero social aspect” and “basically zero social aspect”: that is, taking the administrative area as a unit, the social aspect in the area (containment zone, containment zone and non-social migrants). Close-loop management of, etc.) the number of positive infections is decreasing and the risk is controllable.

Although there may still be a small number of positive infections every day, if the ratio of new daily growth to the total population of the district for three consecutive days is less than 1/100,000, it can be assumed that the “social aspect is fundamentally approval from”; If three consecutive days if the number of new pairs in a day is zero, it can be considered that “social zero” has been achieved.

“Social dynamic clearing” means that whenever a local epidemic is found, it will be extinguished in a timely manner. By quickly cutting the social transmission chain of the epidemic, the goal of quickly clearing the infected people in the society is achieved.

Wu Qing pointed out that achieving “social clearing” means that community transmission of the epidemic has been blocked. It is an important condition for the gradual unblocking and restoration of normal prevention and control, and it is also the main goal of emergency response epidemic prevention and control.

He said that after the social dimension is approved, Shanghai will comprehensively study and judge, systematically restore normal production and living arrangements, and gradually enter the generalized prevention and control phase of “dynamic social clearing”. Will do

Wu Qing said Shanghai is preparing a comprehensive plan to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control and restore normal production and living arrangements in an orderly manner. Promote the current resumption of work and production, and the resumption of markets and schools in an orderly manner as soon as possible. Restoring normal production and living arrangements in the city.

He pointed out that, on the one hand, Shanghai will continue to strengthen the hard-won prevention and control achievements through nucleic acid screening, transfer and isolation, medical treatment and environmental treatment.

On the other hand, Shanghai will resume traffic in an orderly manner according to changes in the epidemic situation; Supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores will resume offline business in an orderly manner; Haircutting, laundry and dyeing services will also be gradually reserved online, offline peak shifts and existing restrictions open, senior three, senior two and junior three students who have to resume the task of college entrance examination and high school entrance examination Priority will be given to medical institutions, medical institutions will be opened systematically, and the time limit of the arrangement will be extended further.Proceedingand elective surgery; Government service windows are opened systematically, and the hours of service are extended suitably.

Shanghai Health and Health Commission deputy director Zhao Dandan reported that on May 12, there were 227 new local confirmed cases and 1,869 local asymptomatic infections in Shanghai. Of the local confirmed cases, 60 were found in closed-loop isolation and in controls, and 167 were previously confirmed asymptomatic infections. Of the 1,869 local asymptomatic infections, 1,865 were detected in closed-loop isolation and in controls, and another 4 in “containment zone” screening.

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