Friday, August 5, 2022

Shanghai climbed above 40°C for the fourth time, and many elderly people are hospitalized due to “heat stroke”

Temperatures in China are still high in recent days. Shanghai has once again exceeded 40°C on the 5th. Many elderly people have been hospitalized for “heat stroke” due to severe heat. Some doctors said the incidence rate was much higher than in previous years.

According to the Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai upgraded the weather warning to “red” in the afternoon of the 5th, and Xujiahui station measured a temperature of 40.2 °C on the same day.high temperature, becoming the fourth record to break 40 ℃ this year, and temperatures in most parts of Shanghai hovered around 39 ℃ (79 ) on the 5th. “Over the next few days, the condition of the subtropical high will be very stable, Shanghai will always be near its center, and the high temperature will not be visible at a glance,” the report said.

The report quoted Guo Jian, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of Yuyang Hospital of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as saying that according to rough data, last July, more than 20 patients with mild Heatstroke and heat stroke were admitted to the emergency department and fever clinic. 7 or 8 patients.

Guo Jian pointed out that looking at the current patient reception, most cases of severe heat stroke are elderly. The elderly “may have underlying diseases themselves, or may not tell their children or seek medical treatment in time when they feel unwell, and feel they will pass out of tolerance. Eventually, they may end up in the hospital.” May be unconscious before being sent. Treatment.”

For example, Granny Zhang (pseudonym), who had just been discharged from the hospital, contracted heat stroke during the last wave of high temperatures of 40 °C. She felt a little unwell in those days, but she didn’t tell her children, and she didn’t seek medical attention. Once, she fainted while going out to buy vegetables and was sent to the doctor for treatment. There is also an elderly man who fainted at home, and then felt his body getting better and didn’t pay much attention. Later, he developed high fever and coma and was sent to the hospital. The patient has severe heat stroke and multiple organ failure, and is currently undergoing salvage treatment.

He also mentioned that this year, the time of high temperature of more than 38 °C is relatively long, and prolonged exposure to high temperature environment exceeds the human body’s ability to self-regulate, resulting in heat stroke. much higher than the incidence of in past years. Guo Jian called on the public to pay more attention to warding off heat and relieving heat, such as drinking mung bean soup, winter melon soup, etc., and paying attention to rest and not getting up late.

The temperature in China is still high recently, and Shanghai has once again exceeded 40 ℃ (75 ). The photo shows that on the 23rd of last month when high temperatures in Shanghai reached 40 degrees Celsius, many people played in the water to cool off. (Reuters)


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