Shanghai Customs 45 Days actor Chen Yi turns farmer and chef

Chen Yi relied on the internet to teach himself how to cook any dish now. Photo / Provided by Chen Yi

ShanghailockdownIt’s been a month and a half so far, and many people have complained about the uneven distribution of ingredients, and money making it difficult to buy food. Recently, there has been a sudden surge of “barter”. Chen Yi, who is currently in Shanghai, revealed that he relies on a jar of cats. After grabbing the bait and receiving two dragon fruits, I finally realized the truth that “a distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor”.

Chen Yi went to Shanghai after New Year’s this year and awaits filming of the new play in March. He had no choice but to re-seal the city due to the pandemic in Shanghai. They have been locked up for 45 days. He said it was fine in the beginning, but after a long period of detention, he would be really tired of the world, don’t think about it to keep himself busy, he used YouTube, Douyin and Xiaohongshu to find out Did. cook online. First, he had to grow green onions because he could not buy them. He used egg containers to plant them by hydroponics. Cultivated radishes have blossomed, and they have become cultivators themselves.

Fengcheng accidentally developed many of his talents. In the past, he could not even fry eggs. He taught himself to serve steaks, hamburgers, even braised pork, chicken soup, etc. to the table. All material depends on the help of neighbors or on group purchases. He joined two large groups of 500 residents, and they helped each other and “barter” many valuables. He said: “I used 3 cans of beer for the banana and apple. Because I had fed stray cats before, I replaced the rest of the canned cat with two dragon fruits. Because I didn’t dare eat the eggplant, I Used it for vegetables.”

this yearmother’s DayThe group he joined was open to selling 100 bouquets of flowers, he grabbed the last one, took a photo and gave it to his mother, and celebrated Mother’s Day across the bank, smiling as he said: “Everyone in the group Have to see what someone needs, and then leave it behind the door, and they won’t meet each other. I really understand the fact that distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. In the past, Everyone nodded when they looked at each other, but I didn’t expect everyone to be so friendly now.”

The Changning community he lives in may have gone down recently. He uses the time to run 5 kilometers a day and uses the bucket at home.healthThe only inconvenience in maintaining the figure is that I can’t go out to cut my hair, so I have to use scissors to cut my nose hair to do it. The only pleasant pastime is that there are residents who can play the violin, calling on everyone to hold a concert on the balcony. Now everyone is waiting for the new policy, because they have to apply for leave first, so they are still waiting, hoping to get out of customs as soon as possible.

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