Shares rearranged after the holidays: Stock market fell, but ADRs were mixed

U.S.A.Shares rearranged after the holidays: Stock market fell, but...

Operators work in the business premises of the stock exchange

The Argentine stock market lost its position this Tuesday as a result of consolidation sales conditions which suffered domestic ADRs on the eve of New York, when the local financial market was inactive for the national holiday.

index Buenos Aires’ S&P Merval fell 2.2% to close at 83,700 unitsAfter a loss of 4.3% on Friday amid taking profits with the confirmation of the opposition’s victory in the recently held assembly elections.

Consulted by Operators Reuters Said to be associated with declining stock prices Wall Street Skeptics on the future of the economy in front of talks with IMF and for political intrigues arising out of the loss of the Senate by the ruling party.

Furthermore, in the global context, European outbreak of COVID-19Possible rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and Notorious Weakness of Turkish Lira.

Leading panel S&P Merval has so far maintained a 63% lead in the peso in 2021, although it is neutral in November

Close to Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, ADRs and Shares Argentine companies displayed different figures on Wall Street. documents of Central Puerto led the rebound with 3.7%, a correction linked to a price adjustment after a sharp drop on Monday. Telecoms led losses with 4.1 per cent,

Since the 2021 highs, on November 10, Argentina’s shares fell an average of 12% in the dollar, which Reached 25% in case of private bank securities,

“Beyond the fact that ‘Multi-year economic plan’, operators have doubts about the prospects of reaching a consensus among the main forces, which is necessary to be able to move towards an agreement with the IMF, ”he said. Gustavo Ber, The Economist of the Plum Study.

Resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Europe puts stock markets on alert again

Plum said that “it’s because Declarations and mistrust will not be fertile ground To achieve progress towards the said ‘road map’, which will also require broad political support to implement measures that contribute to the convergence of the accumulated economic imbalances to avoid the crisis.

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Baja Wall Street

Wall Street operates with this Tuesday Loss of up to 0.8% In the Nasdaq Technology Panel, with an operation that bets on caution.

The New York compound extended the same line in which it ended Monday, with some volatility that is attributed to the lower volume of stock operations in the middle of the holiday week. Thank you in America.

However, pending the nomination of the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, investors Jerome Powell, to renew the mandate by the President on the head of the North American central bank Joe Biden,

Wall Street’s Dow Jones up 17% in 2021, while Nasdaq up 26%

Display of Treasury bond in ten years it was still growing and was on 1,667%, a dynamic that had an impact on the stock market in the rise of companies in the financial sector and the decline of large technology contributors.

Concern remains in the background of the session Rebound in coronavirus cases around the world And in some European countries reimposing measures to contain infections, which could dampen demand.

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