Shishuo News / “Godfather” gives 20,000 yuan at a time? Revelation of female escorts in famous schools

Tourism-related industries are developed in the Los Angeles area. (Produced by Shishuo News Group)

Los AngelesTourism-related industries are developed in the region, but there is a type of service that not only accompanies you during the day, but sometimes even sleeps through the night. This is the so-called “escort”. Buyers who hire “escorts” need not only sexual services, but companionship and communication. Being in the legal gray area, the industry iscaliforniavery developed. Many Chinese female students sometimes receive inquiries on social media whether they are interested in working part-time, claiming that their daily income can be as high as 20,000 yuan, and that the content of work “with the younger brother” ” is. Famous school students, high price. High.

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Los Angeles.

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