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Shooting/Wrongful Judgment Situation in Texas Elementary School

School District Sheriff Aretondo (left) in Uvald, Texas. (Screenshot from NBC News screen)

Texasof the city of UvadoSchool DistrictSheriff Pete Arredondo to blockpoliceOne of the highlights of the case is the vanquishing of Salvador Ramos, the assassin of Robb Elementary School. He was the former operator of the 911 Report Center. After decades of hard work, he was promoted to sheriff and transferred back to his hometown to serve. In order to create a good relationship between the police and the community, the listed councilors were only voted out with more votes in early May.

The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Steven McCraw, in a news conference on the 27th, accused the Uvalde School District sheriff of misinterpreting the situation, but did not directly name Aretondo.

Law enforcement officers, who asked not to be named, told the New York Times that officers present wondered why they were asked to stand rather than attack.

A native of Uvald, Aretondo worked as a 911 operator in the city’s police department in 1993 and became an assistant sheriff in 2010, serving as a police officer in Webb County, Laredo, on the southern Texas border. The superintendent’s office was responsible for all duties, and Laredo was more than 100 miles from Uvad before being transferred to the local school district guard, which consists of 88 officers.

I was transferred back to my hometown in March of this year

In March, Aretondo was transferred back to his hometown to serve as sheriff and secure the Uvad school district.

“It’s great to be at home,” he said in an interview with local media Uvalde Leader News at the time.

The police department, which is responsible for the seventh school district in the city of Uvad, has only four officers, a sheriff and a detective. “We were a group of four, we were resourceful, and I encouraged them to come forward,” he said.

He continued: “My title is important, but it is more important to have a good team, if it doesn’t, it will definitely fail.”

after shooting

Aritondo has said that he is delighted to serve the community and is committed to building a strong working partnership with the three police officers he leads, “I want to make sure we are all there when they need it.” “

Aretondo’s two-year term is about to end. At the age of 50, he used his good community relations to defeat the other three candidates by almost 70% of the vote on 7th, and was elected as a councillor with a higher vote share. , However, a school shooting did take place. After his birth, Kya Tangdo became the target of public criticism for misrepresenting the situation, and his career was a concern.

Source: NBC News

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