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Routinely counting your steps, measuring your heart rate, and occasionally checking how much your body is changing on a scale once a week is not very effective. Even if you stand on the oracle of glass that tells you the mass several times a day, your weight is actually a follow-up indicator, not what is likely to happen, but what happened. Blood glucose is one of the key indicators, but weight loss startup Signos is designed to help people interested in their metabolic differences enroll in real-time blood glucose monitoring and stay fit. I’m looking forward to signing up for alerts. And from the perspective of leading the company’s $ 13 million Series A round, it can be seen that GV has a similar idea.

The basic science is as follows. Eating a glass of oatmeal causes a spike in blood sugar. Taking a walk or running lowers blood sugar levels and suppresses weight gain. My body’s reactions may be affected differently by inoculating different types of food on different days, at different times, and all unpredictable factors about my body and what I eat. , It may be different depending on what you are doing that day. The important point is that it doesn’t make sense to take my body as an example. In your case it will be different. Signos believes that continuous measurement will give people the data they need for their health. At the very least, if you can get the information, you can choose what to put in your body and how often you move to lose weight.

The company announced on November 10 that it has raised a total of $ 17 million. This includes $ 4 million in seed funding, led by Courtside Ventures, 1984 Ventures and Tau Ventures in January. The current round is Series A, with GV leading and raising $ 13 million.

The company’s founder told me that the weight loss challenge has a fairly close personal relationship and outlined how it started.

“I grew up as a fairly overweight, obese kid, and that was the situation until my early teens. Then I started playing sports, lost weight, and eventually grew into a decent athlete. Eventually college. I went to the hockey league and received two invitations to play in the NHL, “said Signos CEO Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer. After experiencing top-level sports, his body changed again and he gained a lot of weight. “A few years ago, I got quite fat again and I started looking for some good guidance. The standard advice is that an adult man’s daily energy intake is 2500 kcal. However, many people will have friends who have never gained weight while consuming 4000-5000 kcal, and some will not be able to lose weight with an intake of 1500 kcal. And my family has been diagnosed with diabetes. When I was asked, I learned about Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). While receiving an explanation of how it works from my family, I used CGM to learn how metabolism actually affects weight loss. I wanted to figure it out. “

In short, Hula Dogger-Mercer set up a company and set about building it.

“We are visualizing the metabolic needs that are unique to everyone’s body. Previously, we focused on reducing calories, calculating macronutrients, and removing carbs, but now we have an effective plan for ineffective diets. We are able to work with people to make a difference, “explains Horadger-Mercer. “In a matter of days or weeks, you can devise a plan and take the time to refine it for optimal weight management and overall health. Good athletes and careful dieters are often It’s a huge amount of trial and error that produces results, but the same results can be achieved in a short period of time. “

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The Signos platform helps provide personalized answers to basic questions such as what to eat, when to eat, and what exercises can help you lose weight. At the heart of the system is Dexcom’s G6 continuous blood glucose monitoring device. It is commonly used by diabetics. As a strategic investor, Dexcom is also participating in Signos’ latest investment round.

In addition to a hardware component that measures glucose levels in a user’s blood every few minutes, Signos has developed an AI-enhanced app that provides real-time data and recommendations to encourage sustained weight loss. At the beginning of the Signos experience, users log what they eat and allow the Signos platform to learn how the body reacts to specific foods. Once adjusted, Signos uses that data to determine which foods are best for each user, when to eat, when to exercise to bring blood glucose back into the optimal weight loss range, and more. Present nutritional advice.

“Wear this device full-time for 10 days. Continue measuring while taking a shower, running, sleeping. When the measurement is complete, you will hear a beep and remove it for a new one. We’ll let you know it’s time to do it, “explains Hula Dogger-Mercer, who hasn’t reached the best level we’ve seen in the last few years in terms of environmentally friendly technology due to the nature of the device. I admitted that. It cannot be recycled or reused. “This is a medical device and must be disposed of.”

It’s not enough to stop by a local pharmacy and release a small electronic vampire into your internal organs to wear a continuous blood glucose meter. The doctor needs to prescribe the device.

“In the United States, you need a doctor’s prescription to get CGM, and you also need a pharmacy to serve that order. We do all the operations under the hood. Please visit the site. For example, we will guide you through the entire process, “continues Hula Dogger-Mercer. “Once you’re done, you’ll receive a box of everything to you via an appropriate state-approved pharmacy, and you’ll also need our downloadable software.”

The magic of this system lies in its near real-time monitoring and alerting system. It doesn’t help to check your smartphone before going to bed at night and find out that your blood sugar spiked at 1:35 pm. The company claims that the right time to take action is when blood sugar levels are rising.

“By doing this kind of feedback loop immediately and continuously over the long term, we can achieve the health outcomes our members are trying to achieve,” emphasized Horadger-Mercer.

According to the company, more than 100,000 potential customers are waiting to start using the product. With this funding, the product is expected to be available nationwide sometime in 2022.

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