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Silicon Valley engineer suspected of murdering his wife, cleaning work going on after the crime at the house in South Bay where the crime took place

sensationsilicon ValleyOfGoogleIn the case of an engineer suspected of murdering his wife, defendant Chen Liren failed to appear in court four times. The incident occurred at a single-family home in Santa Clara City, just after Chen Liren appeared in court to complete arraignment procedures last Friday. On the morning of the 12th, two professional crime cleanup companies began to arrive. The company’s large cleaning crew truck was parked next to the road where the crime took place, while professional cleaning crews were performing various cleaning tasks inside the house.

The neighbor first noticed two unknown vehicles parked on the road and started observing whether any unknown person was visiting the house where the incident took place. Then the workers started entering the house to clean, and also opened the windows of the house facing the road. Neighbors speculated that the cleaning crew did not enter the house through the front door, but instead entered the back door to begin cleaning, as the mourning bouquet placed on the door by the cleaning crew did not move.

Vehicles parked on the road revealed that the companies that cleaned up after the crime were Steri-Clean and Aftermath. Information from the official websites of both companies shows that both provide professional post-crime cleanup services required by government police. Aftermath provides 24-hour biological cleanup of crime and death scenes, such as cleaning up blood spatter.

According to police information about this case, on January 16, police officers entered the residence where the crime occurred and detained the defendant Chen Liren. However, in the bedroom directly behind where the defendant was standing, the police officer found the victim, Juanyi Yu, lying dead on the floor. The deceased had severe blunt wounds to the head, and there was a large amount of blood on the floor, walls and behind the bedroom door. The police officer present at the scene said, “I think Chen was wearing sandals and was standing or sitting next to her and repeatedly hitting her on the head with his hands.”

The house was parked in front of the house where the crime occurredsuvThe car was removed and the door lights were removed in late January. However, more and more people came to pay tribute to him by placing bouquets of flowers in front of the gate and neighbors walking across the street continued to pay attention to the development of the case. He prayed for the families of the victims and expressed hope that the road would return to its original peace as soon as possible.

In the single-family house where the incident occurred, two professional crime cleanup companies parked their vehicles on the morning of the 12th, and the personnel entered the house to clean the house. (provided by interviewee)

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