Singer’s wife gave news

Rapper Don Mills’ wife has accused singer A of secretly making a sex film of a girl. (courtesy from Instagram)

South KoreaRapper Don Mills’ wife accused singer A of secretly filming a girl’s sex movie, and it was rumored that she bombarded him directly: What’s the difference with Zheng Juning.

Don Mills’ wife accused singer A of dating a woman on IG on 10th and secretly making a pornographic movie, then sending the movie to friends, and even talking about it on the show Due to which the victim committed suicide.

Don Mills’ wife scolded the other side in part of the show just saying “Ask the girls.” Don Mills’ wife said she had a good relationship with the victim. In his hands were videos, photos, private messages and other evidence. Don Mills’ wife said: “She didn’t call the police because she didn’t want to harm others. But you were on the radio. Talking so casually proves you have no shame or guilt. You’re more What’s the difference between Jung Joon Young?”, and revealed that a friend even tried to commit suicide.

Not only this, another netizen also contacted Don Mills’ wife saying that her friend also met singer A through private messages, and then faced a similar experience, hence committed suicide.

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