Six injured in an unconventional device explosion in Algeria, the Caucasus

U.S.A.Six injured in an unconventional device explosion in Algeria,...

Tattoo attack victim in Algeria, Caucasus

fight between disagreements Carlos Patino And this national army In the village of Mundo Nuevo, the municipality of Argelia, Caca, they moved as a balance six injured people after being hit by a ‘Tatuco’ which had a direct impact on his residence,

Apparently, the members of the dissent intended to attack members of the military, whose headquarters are located a few meters from the house where the victims live. In its trajectory, This artwork was twisted and impressed these people, including a minor.

General jairo rosso, Commander of the 3rd Division of the Army, alluding to the structure of the use of explosives of this type “indiscriminately” against the civilian population, who, according to its version, are forced to enter the conflict to attack military personnel. .

in the statements made to blue radio, pacific section, it said General Rosa,

They indiscriminately do tattoos to trace the soldiers and this is where they make a mistake. It is not the first mistake that the structure has made on several occasions, affecting the civilian population by attacking houses, towns and sidewalks, and even forcing some of its residents to enter mines with the intention of dislodging soldiers. wants.

for its part, Representative of the Municipality of Algeria, Daniel Imbachik, gave a description of the facts: “It happened between the Mundo Nuevo and Los Pinos paths. In between confrontations, unconventional explosive-type weapons are used and it was one of them that attacked some farmers’ houses. They are five from the same family and one is a housewife, all were affected and there is a woman who has sustained severe injuries.,

Houses affected by Tatuko explosion in Algeria
Houses affected by Tatuko explosion in Algeria

The injured were transferred to Popayan to receive medical help. It is noteworthy that one of the victims, a woman over the age of 30, whose identity is protected by authorities, has a reserve prognosis due to the magnitude of the injuries.

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The affected family had been warned by their neighbors that they were at risk if they remained at the scene, but decided to stay in the middle of the escalation that took place at least a month before the municipality.

Algeria is the most violent municipality in the Coca department since the so-called “postacurdo”. The period beginning with the signing and coming into force of the definitive peace agreement and its implementation,

It presents cases of murders of former combatants, homicide rates, murder of minors, mass displacement, imprisonment, war, anti-personnel mines, killings of social leaders, threats, among other incidents.

For him Regional Director of the Unit for the Victims of the Caucasus, Dan Harry Sanchez Kobo, Displacement is the biggest proof of the difficult conditions facing this municipality.,

Tatuko, the unconventional explosive device that exploded against a house in the Algerian Caucasus
Tatuko, the unconventional explosive device that exploded against a house in the Algerian Caucasus

According to their figures to this day they are About 55 families who had to leave their homes by force and to save their lives. Sanchez revealed that to protect These people were settled in the village of El Plateado,”Components of care such as health, education, shelter and food to guarantee immediate humanitarian aid to the victims,

Also, for August of this year, The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) condemns the displacement of 578 civilians From the said municipality, located in the south of the Kaka department, towards the departmental head, Popayan, in search of a guarantee for the safety of the lives of their families.

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