Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Slap yourself in the face?American politicians are worried about national security risks and demand the deletion of Biden’s TikTok account

Presidential elections will be held in the United States in November. current presidentbiden(Joe Biden) campaign team, to win the support of young voters, took advantage of the NFL annual championship game on February 11.Super Bowl(Super Bowl) event, short film on stageTIC Toc(Douyin overseas version) Open an account.

As TikTok has been accused of being a national security risk by US politicians and is being reviewed, Biden also issued an order in 2023 requiring government agencies to remove TikTok from their devices. Reuters reported that the Biden team ran a campaign on TikTok, which is worth noting.

Hong Kong media reported that the 58th Super Bowl was won by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Biden team released a video on TikTok the same day satirizing a conservative conspiracy theory alleging the Super Bowl was rigged in favor of the Chiefs in exchange for Biden’s endorsement from pop singer Taylor Swift, who Dating the team’s tight end. Travis Kelce.

In the video, Biden was asked whether the Chiefs won because they “conspired to fix the game” or because the Chiefs were a good team. “I’d be in trouble if I told you,” Biden joked.

Biden was also asked to choose between himself and his rival Trump. He replied: “Are you kidding me?” And then answered in the affirmative: “Biden.”

At least 10,900 people have tracked Biden’s account so far.



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