Slovakia decides to imprison for two weeks

WorldSlovakia decides to imprison for two weeks

The government of Slovakia ruled this Wednesday Two weeks’ ordinary imprisonment for the whole country and the whole population, qIt will start from midnight today, with the aim of stopping the rapid increase of Kovid-19 infections.

“The situation will be assessed in ten days, and if the situation allows an opening, it will be vaccinated and cured who will benefit from itSlovak Prime Minister Eduard Hager said at a news conference.

Slovakia, with a vaccination rate of 43% among its 5.4 million residents, The world has the highest incidence of coronavirus infection, with an accumulated rate of 1,296 cases per 100,000 residents in seven days.

“The protection of lives and people has determined this decision,” the prime minister said. Hospitals hold about 3,200 prisoners, a limit that Health Minister Vladimir Lengavarsky described as “critical” to the country’s hospital capacity.

Out of the number of trainees, of whom 83% have not been vaccinated, 557 are in critical condition. Prison decree, which would mean the closure of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, and that only shops and essential services would open, does not include schools, as in Austria, where places of worship are also open.

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Schools will continue to function, although closure is not ruled out in the event that the contagion trend continues, said liberal Richard Sulick, the economy minister.

So this shutdown of the country will not be as severe as is advised by a council of experts advising the government, and which proposes three weeks of imprisonment, including in the school sector, with the exception of kindergarten. There will be a curfew across the country from 8 pm onwards. in companies, Those who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered will be obliged to get tested from next Monday.

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