Saturday, August 13, 2022

Smashing Tesla Otani Shohei to become Porsche’s spokesperson in Japan

currently the hottest in the worldJapanathlete, it must be a strong shot and two swordsmen playing for the Los Angeles Angels of MLB Major League BaseballOtani Shohei(Shohei Ohtani), and seeing his high popularity and spirit of chasing dreams for challenges, Porsche Japan officially signed a contract with Otani to become the spokesperson for Porsche Driving Athlete in Japan.

Shohe Otani is overjoyed to be the face of Porsche, and he said in the video: “Porsche is a brand for those who keep chasing their dreams, I’m still chasing their dreams, let’s run towards them with Porsche . Times!”

Shohei Otani became spokesperson for Porsche Driving Athlete in Japan. (Photo: Courtesy of Porsche Japan)

Having become the spokesperson for Porsche, I am confident that in the days to come, Dagu will surely be able to drive or experience various Porsche models, including the Taycan, an electric car, which is being hitched. This time, Otani’s official image photo was taken with the Taycan, the unanimous MVP of the 2021 MLB American League and the allure of Porsche’s first pure electric coupe.

Otani Shohei, a hard worker in California, came out as a scooter a few years agoTesla After the Model X, I believe, becomes the spokesperson for Porsche, the original factory certainly won’t let it come to Tesla again! Maybe the next time I show up at the stadium, I’ll see Shohei Otani getting down from the passenger seat of a Porsche Taycan.


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