Sneezing Problems: Do you sneeze often? However, by doing this, control the sneezing..! , Health Tips Do you also sneeze frequently, know its causes and home remedies

HealthSneezing Problems: Do you sneeze often? However, by...

sneezing problem

Sneezing problem: Sneezing is common. However, if sneezing is frequent and frequent, it can be a problem. Experts say that sneezing is often caused by a weakened immune system. There is actually a mucous membrane in the nose. Its tissues and cells are very delicate. Sneezing begins when these tissues and cells come into contact with an irritating odor or object outside. Apart from this, sometimes sneezing is also caused due to dust, mildew, light, smell, spicy food, cold etc. However, now learn about some home remedies that can help stop sneezing.

Honey containing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A, B, C, magnesium, phosphorus is a great medicine to help reduce the problem of sneezing. There are many benefits of taking it regularly.

Must have steam..
This problem can also be controlled by taking steam. This reduces the effect of cold. It also clears the way for breathing through the nose.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin C is very important to strengthen the immune system. It is also effective in preventing the problem of sneezing. For vitamin C, eat citrus foods such as oranges, seasonal fruits, lemons and amaranth.

Yellow milk..
Turmeric is rich in antioxidants. Mix turmeric in hot milk and drink it daily. With this, the problem of frequent sneezing can be overcome. Green turmeric can be used in winters.

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Black cardamom..
Chewing black cardamom twice or thrice a day provides great relief from sneezing and allergies. Apart from this, both ginger and basil are very helpful in fighting cold and cold. Adding ginger and basil to tea provides great relief.

Nilgiri oil ..
Eucalyptus oil is very useful if you sneeze due to dust and allergies. Add a few drops of water and take steam. Pour eucalyptus oil into a clean napkin and inhale the scent.

What else to do to stop sneezing?
1. Drink more and more water in winter, drink lukewarm water.
2. Do not eat too much at once, eat in small quantities.
3. Avoid spicy food.
4. Do not drink alcohol.
5. Use regular nasal spray.
6. Use a humidifier in your home.

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