Saturday, November 26, 2022

Snyder Cut’s Online Fanbase Reportedly Filled with Bots and Malicious Actors

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Although there were quite a few real people campaigning for the release of #TheSnyderCut before Warner Bros. 2021 announcement, new report from Rolling Stones A lot of the social media hype that suggests the film is driven by bots and inauthentic accounts.

When Warner Bros. announced last year that it planned to release its 2017 extended cut Justice League In the film, the move was seen by many as both a defense and a surrender to director Zack Snyder and his extreme online fans. Over the years, Snyder loyalists have maintained that as people saw Joss Whedon, who replaced Snyder as director, deliver the cut, the campaign found something lacking.However, according to Rolling StonesObtaining copies of multiple cybersecurity reports commissioned by Warner Bros., on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at least 13 percent of conversations about the Snyder Cut involve “fake authors.”

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The 2021 report found: “An identified community of real and fake authors spreading negative content about WarnerMedia because they didn’t restore the ‘SnyderVerse’.” “Additionally, authors scanned across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Three key leaders have been identified in the forum — one leader on each platform. These leaders are the most engaged and have a large following, which gives them the ability to influence public opinion.”

It’s no surprise that a network of bots and accounts pretending to be real people are part of the group who see the Snyder Cut effort as a job. What really gave the pause, however, was Rolling Stone’s suggestion that Snyder had purposely weaponized his fanbase to make it seem like there was a Snyder Cut, and when the film was finally finished, it would be The names of producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were dropped from the film’s credits.

situation with Zack Snyder’s Justice League While the film was initially touted as a pure director’s cut, the situation was further complicated by the plethora of new shots that had to be shot and which had to cost a fortune to complete. Instead, Warner Bros. Zack Snyder’s Justice League It ended up costing an extra $60 million in post-production and editing costs, and the DCEU had long since surpassed the Justice League vs Darkseid story.

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It’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. looking fondly back on its decision to spend millions on a remake of a four-year-old film that people didn’t like at first.But it’s easy to see how Rolling StonesThe report may give other studios reason to reconsider their approach to exploiting rabid fans, especially at a time when the movie’s return to theaters seems like all it needs to do is to make mediocre memes about them a hit.


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