Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson, new Prime Minister of Sweden

WorldSocial Democrat Magdalena Andersson, new Prime Minister of Sweden

  • Thus the new Social Democratic leader became the first woman to hold the highest political office in the country.

  • Former finance minister takes charge of government after gaining support from Greens and tying up with Conservatives

the parliament of Sweden This Wednesday has supported the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Magdalena Anderson, like New first minister, a position that no one had Woman in the Nordic country.

Anderson had headed the finance ministry since 2014, but his name already seemed a favorite when the outgoing prime minister, Stefan Lofvenannounced in August that he would withdraw from the political front so that his party could prepare for the September 2022 elections.

Andersen had already replaced Lofven. social democrats this month and, after some doubts about the support it will receive in Parliament, its candidate It has come through a narrow gap, the minimum necessary for it to prosper.

tie with conservatives

the ‘yes’ of their comrades and green Party allowed him to add 174 votes in favor, the same conservative opposition, The Swedish parliamentary system establishes that it is enough that there are no more votes in favour, so Andersen is eventually announced to have moved to applause and clear.

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His first major challenge this afternoon for the new prime minister, who will meet King on Friday, is with the vote of the next Budget, since the Center prefers the ruling coalition without the necessary votes to run the party’s ‘no’ public accounts. On the other hand, another budget project presented by the conservative opposition may come to the fore, which Anderson will be obliged to implement.

In his first statement after the plenary session, he advocated investing in public services e.g. education or health, also relying on moving forward in the energy transition so that Sweden is at the forefront of the fight against change Climate. Similarly, it is committed to reducing insecurities and ending isolation, reports portal ‘The Local’.

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