Sofia Franco interviews Mr Teen Peru 2021 using sign language

U.S.A.Sofia Franco interviews Mr Teen Peru 2021 using sign...

Sofia Franco communicates via sign language with Mr Teen Peru 2021. (Photo: TV Capture)

Gentle moment. Sofia Franco reappears in front of cameras after alleged reconciliation lvaro Paz de la Baras, The former television host made an appearance on the program En Boca de Todos, presenting an interview she conducted with the present Mr Teen Pe 2021, who is deaf.

As is known, the entertainer knows sign language perfectly because his parents are deaf, so from a very early age he learned to communicate in such a way as to interact with his parents.

,Directly from Pukalpa I would like to introduce Mr. Teen Peru… Everyone has to see him, get to know him, because he speaks sign language, he has a big heart and he is very happy. He is so happy to share a small part of his life with youSaid the former television host.

During the report, which presented the life of the young model, he reported that he could hear normally by the age of 4; However, due to a sharp fall she could not understand it, so her parents were worried.

Although having some disabilities is a problem for many people, Mr Teen Pe 2021 showed that she didn’t need to be able to listen to make her dreams come true, one of them being to become a model, which she eventually achieved.

Similarly, the young man, in conversation with Sofia Francopointed out that sign language should be taught in schools, as it is a method of communication that everyone can use universally.

LVARO will resume from scratch with PAZ DE LA BARRA

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The former television host indicated that one of the things she hates most is living with hatred and resentment, so if she resumed a relationship with the mayor of La Molina, they would start from scratch.

,Look, the thing I hate the most in this life is to live in hatred and resentment, I don’t carry that bag. I like to live happily and wish everyone the best, so I really appreciate that.once again nice messages they always send me“she added.

On the other hand, he revealed that अलlvaro Paz de la Barra is “virtuous” to win him back.

Lavro Paz de la Barra denies romance with Jamila

अलlvaro Paz de la Barra clarified that a possible relationship with Jameela Dahabreh would be “silly”, as she is not involved in show business. After these statements, the model said that they would no longer see her next to the mayor of La Molina.

,We are not dating. There is no point in talking about it. I am calm in my words. talking about that and what anyone else says… as with all the media, i have moments i don’t have a good time”, he indicated.

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