Solskjaer sacked, Gary Neville says Manchester United situation is chronic

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MANCHESTER – Manchester United‘s decision to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from the position of coach does not automatically solve the problem. Because, according to Gary Neville, the maneuver was taken in a panic situation while the internal disease in the team was chronic.

Former captain Manchester United, Gary Neville, calling the Red Devils in a awry situation. If you don’t fire Solskjaer immediately, the club will continue to lose. Meanwhile, after firing him there has been no better replacement.

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Michael Carrick, who is currently appointed as interim coach, knows Manchester United‘s situation. However, said Gary Neville, Carrick is not a world-class manager who is able to save the fate of the Red Devils.

“Michael Carrick is taking over now. If there is a world class manager currently available then they can get him but they don’t have anyone to appoint,” said Neville, quoted from the Independent, Sunday (11/21/2021).

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“I don’t think that Antonio Conte would be a good fit for United yes and I don’t think anyone would be a good fit at the moment,” he continued.

Furthermore, Neville gave a pretty scathing comment. The reason, he said that Manchester United did not have a good plan regarding the selection of the next coach. Solskjaer’s former team-mate also revealed that the club only runs from the business side without caring about the other side.

“Because they (Man United‘s side) have no plans for the next manager at the moment. The planning wasn’t good, and you have to ask those serious questions.”

“I think the club is run on the business side of OK, but culturally and from a footballing perspective there’s still a lot to be desired,” concluded Neville.


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