Songbird named ‘Kill Bill’ for the first time in Peru for its magnificent plumage in honor of Uma Thurman’s ribbon

U.S.A.Songbird named 'Kill Bill' for the first time in...

A Peruvian bird species has attracted the attention of international researchers and is named after a famous ribbon.

It took 20 years for the first sighted songbird to name itself in Peru. This brightly colored species was captured by Louisiana State University ornithologists when they visited Inti Tanager. Manu National Park in the southeast of Peru in October 2000.

It was his bright yellow plumage and black stripe that inspired researchers, who memorized Uma Thurman’s iconic chant in Kill Bill: Volume One, after which he earned the nickname ‘Kill Bill Tanager’.

It was Daniel Lane, ornithologist LSU Museum of Natural Sciences, who heard the song of the little bird while leading a bird watching tour on the Manu-Cosnipata Highway in Peru.

He was quite familiar with the local avian inhabitants, so he assumed it was one of the most common birds in the area.

“My first wild impression was that it looked like an oriole from the Old World, something like a black-naped oriole from Asia”Lane told the Audubon Society. “Since that was impossible, my next thought was that it must be a tanner”,

Unfortunately, after just one glance, the bird disappeared from view, lost among the great nature of the Peruvian jungle.

It was not until three years later, when Lane and Rosenberg were leading another bird trip to the area, that they saw Tanner again.

Its common name, Inti Tangar, also refers to this phrase: Inti means ‘sun’, in the Quechua language spoken by the Incas.

“This species reminds me of the sun in many ways”, Occidental College ornithologist Ryan Terrill, co-author of the study, said.

“He often sings in the middle of the day, and so he stays in the sun. It looks like a little sun, and it’s in an open, sunny habitat,” said Terrill. “So I thought, of ‘Solar Tanager. Some derivative would be great.”,

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Tanagers are among the largest families of birds, with over 370 known species.

They represent about 4 percent of all bird species and more than 10 percent of birds in the Neotropical kingdom, which includes Central and South America.

Songs of birds in danger due to species decline

Authentic sounds made by birds are becoming quieter and less diverse as species decline due to climate change, according to a study that recorded the sounds made by birds on a large scale for the first time at more than 200,000 sites worldwide. rebuilds. last twenty five years.

Work, published by Today magazine nature communicationdeveloped a new technique that combines bird tracking data obtained through citizen science observations with individual species recordings in the open air.

The study concludes that nature’s soundtracks generated by birds, which have already been shown to improve people‘s physical health and psychological well-being, are increasingly simple and not too heterogeneous.

“Unfortunately, we are living global environmental crisis, and we now know that a loss in the connection between people and nature may contribute to this”, warn the researchers, who believe that these types of studies help “in a concrete and relatable way about these losses.” To raise awareness and demonstrate potential impact on human well-being”.

(With information from EFE, Andina and DailyMail)

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