South Korea considers banning dog meat consumption

U.S.A.South Korea considers banning dog meat consumption

The Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Boo-kyum, today announced the formation of a joint committee to establish “a social consensus” on the need to restrict the traditional consumption of dog meat in the Asian country (Photo: EFE)

South Korea said on Thursday that it would launch a task force for Consider banning the consumption of dog meat After the President of the country offered to study the possibility of ending the age-old practice.

Restaurants serving dog meat are on the decline in South Korea as young people find dog meat a less tasty alternative and pets are gaining in popularity. Recent polls indicate that more people oppose a ban on dog meat, even though many do not eat it.

In a statement, seven government offices, including the agriculture ministry, said they have decided to launch the group which includes officials, civic experts and people from related organizations Providing recommendations on possible restrictions on the consumption of dog meat. He said officials would collect information about dog farms, restaurants and other facilities while scrutinizing public opinion.

It is served in restaurants and bars (Photo: AP)
It is served in restaurants and bars (Photo: AP)

The government says the first such initiative does not guarantee a ban on dog meat. provoked a seemingly ambiguous posture quick protest From both dog breeders and animal rights activists.

Farmers say the launch of the task force is nothing more than a formality to shut down their dog meat farms and restaurants, while Activists argue that the government‘s announcement lacks a proposal to ban dog meat consumption.

Xu Yeongbong, general secretary of a union of dog breeders, accused the government of “trample“The right of the people to eat what they want and the right of the farmers to live. Said the farmer They will boycott all government discussions about dog meat in protest.

Many Asian countries regulate the consumption of dog meat.
Many Asian countries regulate the consumption of dog meat.

Lee Won Bok, director of the Korean Animal Protection Association, called the government‘s announcement “very disappointing“Because it didn’t include any concrete plans on how to restrict the consumption of dog meat. “We have deep doubts about whether the government is determined to end the consumption of dog meat,” Lee said.

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About 1 million to 1.5 million dogs die each year in South Korea for food production, down from several million about 10–20 years ago. According to Xu’s organization, thousands of farmers currently raise a total of about 1 million to 2 million dogs for meat in South Korea.

Spicy dog ​​meat soup, a dish fashionable in Korea (Photo: AP)
Spicy dog ​​meat soup, a dish fashionable in Korea (Photo: AP)

Xu said farmers, mostly the poor and elderly, want the government to temporarily legalize the consumption of dog meat for about 20 years, With the expectation that the demand will come down gradually. Lee said animal rights organizations want a speedy end to the trade.

,South Korea is the only developed country where people eat dogs, an act that is undermining our international imageLee said. “Even though K-pop band BTS and (Korean drama) Squid Game are ranked No. 1 in the world, Foreigners still associate South Korea with dog meat and the Korean War,

According to Lee, dogs are eaten as food North Korea, China and Vietnam, as well as South Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in (Photo: Reuters / Maarten Mons)
South Korean President Moon Jae-in (Photo: Reuters / Maarten Mons)

In September, a dog lover, President Moon Jae-in, asked during a meeting with his prime minister “is it time to consider carefully” a ban on dog meat consumption, sparking a new debate on the issue. Went. , Dog meat is neither legally nor explicitly prohibited in South Korea.

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