Soybean price for November 19

U.S.A.Soybean price for November 19

last day soy quoted to 35.900 Ars, which represents a drop of 0.77% with respect to the previous day‘s price, when it marked 36,180 ARS.

With respect to this day‘s variations in relation to the previous days, the tables were turned in relation to the previous days, with the results showing a 0.28% increase in the last days showing a lack of consistency. The volatility of the last seven days is lower than the data obtained for the previous year (19.36%), so its price has recently been showing less change than normal.

If we consider last week’s data, soy shows an increase in 3,22%, so for a year it is still an increase of 37,44%,

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In conclusion, the result is closer to November 17, when it broke the year’s high with the ARS figure of 36,180.

International Prices of Soy

current price of soy it’s in chicago 0 dollars per tonne as on November 19, latest figures.

With respect to the future prices of soybeans, its price in the current month is $464.18 Chicago and in. In $471.99 in the next month. Similarly soybean futures prices in Argentina are at 358.9 pesos in this month and 358.8 Looking forward to next month.

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